11 Best Jazz Guitar Amps (2021 List)

Tone is important in all genres of music, but for those who choose to play clean guitar it is a lot more difficult to come by.  You cannot simply load the signal chain up with distortion pedals and go rip.  Because of this choosing the best jazz guitar amp can be difficult.  No need to worry though because this list will get you away from cheesy jazz tone, and bring you ever closer to that tasty tone that makes your face scrunch up.

What is the Best Jazz Amp?

Surveys and polls show that Fender amps are the most popular jazz guitar amps, so there will be plenty to choose from here. 

Other popular brands for the best jazz guitar amp include: Vox, Peavy, and Roland.

Don't be scared away by brand names like Roland and Peavy.  Although they are brands that are traditionally used for Rock, metal, and any thing besides jazz, these amps can deliver the right tone for a Pat Metheny or Nile Rodgers line.

Without further ado, here are the best jazz guitar amps.

Best Fender Amp for Jazz

Fender Twin Reverb

85 Watts

2 by 12 

64 lbs

Tube amp

Pros: Singing top end, "authentic sound heard on countless recordings", takes pedals flawlessly, great for single coils and humbuckers.

Cons: Very heavy, rattling on specific frequencies, some faulty reverb tanks.

I put this on the list because my guitar teacher throughout college had this amp.  We focused on mainly jazz rhythm playing, and I was constantly blown away by how good my $530 Mexican Strat sounded through it.  My teacher had a Martin Taylor signature guitar, and it absolutely sang though this amp.  It was one of the tastiest tones I have ever heard. 

If I had to choose one amp to play through the rest of my life, this is my pick because it is an absolute tone behemoth.  

It is a piece of gear that will last you a lifetime, and it delivers a classic tone that will never go out of style.  I think this amp is the number one best jazz guitar amp.

Fender Blues Junior

15 Watts

1 by 12

31 lbs

Tube amp

Pros: Massive tone in a small package, portable tube amp, very loud for small amp

Cons: Some quality control issues, input jack issues, not loud enough for some larger venues

This amp is an absolute tone monster for the price because it puts out the perfect fender tone you are expecting.  Also it takes pedals super well like most fender amps, and it is nice and portable for a tube amp.

This amp is super versatile because it can do all genres from rock to funk, to R&B, to blues and leaves nothing to be desired.  

This amp is used by many professionals and legends such as Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and The Edge of U2.  The Fender Blues Junior gives you professional sound for only a $599 price tag.

The compact nature of this amp makes it super easy to take from place to place.  It is a great small tube amp for jazz.

Overall this is a crazy versatile amp that does jazz very well.  If you are looking for an amp that can kill both jazz and blues.  This is the amp for you.  It is the best guitar amp for blues and jazz.

Best Vox Amp for Jazz

Vox AC15

15 Watts

1 by 10

56 lbs

Tube amp

Pros: Does jazz extremely well, simple but effective controls, takes pedals super well

Cons: Not as versatile as a fender, rattling noises with certain frequencies, low wattage does not allow for a lot of head room

Vox and Fender are the kings of clean tones.  You can count on both giving you great tone, but the real question is which one is for you?  

Tone is extremely subjective.  If you are a clean tone guitar player, but don't like the sound of Fender amps, a Vox amp could be the best jazz amplifier for you!

Vox amps are made in the U.K. and the company takes great pride in their quality department.  The only issues I have seen reported about this amp is that the tubes it shipped with caused a slight rattling noise at certain frequencies. 

That issue can be resolved by a quick switch of the tubes.  Nothing too complicated at all. 

I love using a Vox amp for jazz.  For the price it certainly is one of the best jazz guitar amps on the market. 

Vox Valvetronixs

20 Watts

1 by 8

19 lbs

Solid State amp

Pros: Wide selection of preset tones to choose from, extremely versatile, portable, low price,

Cons: The tone is not quite there, not loud enough for some gigs

The appeal to this amp is obvious.  It can replicate tones of tones by simply turning a dial.  I have used modeling amps while gigging to replicate tones that I needed, and it made it extremely easy.  

The portability of this amp is something extremely significant because although many much prefer the tone of a tube amp, almost no one prefers hauling around an amp that weighs 40-70 lbs. 

Many modeling amps can be controlled by your smartphone, and this one is no different.  An app connects to the amp, and allows you to download new tones created by others who use the same amp.  

If you are looking for an amp that is very versatile, light weight, and not very expensive.  This may be the perfect amp for you.  No pedals to buy, no dragging around super heavy amps.  Just plug in and play.

Best Jazz Guitar Amp - Other Options

Peavey Classic 30

30 Watts

1 by 12

40 lbs

Tube amp

Pros: Very versatile, built extremely sturdy, high volume, great reverb

Cons: almost too loud, hard to play at "bedroom level", does not come with a foot switch

I do not have as much experience with this amp, but I certainly do remember thinking "this thing is insanely loud".  It really pumps out the volume.  

Depending on who you are, that might be perfect for you.  I would not recommend this though for bedroom practice.  It is certainly a gigging/recording amp.  

All that being said, the tone is killer.  Very similar to a Fender Blues Junior.  It is really just a beefier blues junior.

Similar to the blues junior it is great for a whole array of genres.  Funk, blues, jazz, country, rock.  It almost do it all.

The build quality on this amp is also no joke.  I think you could drop this thing off a 3 story building and it would be fine.  It is built very very well.

Best Jazz Guitar Amp Under $500
Fender Superchamp

15 Watts

1 by 10

24 lbs

Tube amp

Pros: Portable, Classic tone, affordable, versatile

Cons:  kinda tiny

Something within the fender champion series is often times many different people's first amps.  This is for very good reason.  They are super versatile.  Just like all the other Fender amps above, this amp can do almost any genre, and do it well.  That includes jazz of course.

Fender specializes in killer clean tones.  This amp is no exception.  It absolutely delivers a killer clean tone.  Great for jazz, funk, R&B, soul, or even country music.  

For the price of this amp you really cannot go wrong.  You can go spend your money on an extremely cheap amp that you will soon need to upgrade, or spend just a little extra to get a piece of equipment that will last you your whole life.  

Fender builds their amps to last.  That being said there have been some quality control issues reported, but Fender offers a two year warranty, so the issues that arise in the first two years are totally covered.

You can also take this amp anywhere.  It is made for great tone on the go.  This makes it the best portable jazz amp.  Take it with you to a jam, or use it to practice at home.  It comes nice and light and can be taken anywhere.

With all that said, I think this is the best small jazz amp you can find for under $500.

Best budget Jazz Amp 

Fender Champion

40 Watts

1 by 8

6.6 lbs

Solid State amp

Pros: Great value, perfect for beginners, many tones to choose from.

Cons: Not very loud, not an amp to go gig with, quality control issues

There is not much to say about this amp that hasn't been said about all the other Fender amps. 

For the price, it delivers quite a lot of quality.  You really cannot go wrong with it.  

If you are a beginner, this amp can certainly help you find your tone without having to bust the bank because it offers 17 different prebuilt tones.

Best Jazz guitar amp: Honorable Mentions

Roland Cube

10 Watts 

1 by 8

6 lbs

Solid State amp

This is a super durable small jazz amp.  Perfect for bedroom practice and playing at low volume with others.

It is very nice for someone who just wants to dabble in jazz in their free time, but not someone who is going out and gigging.

Roland JC Jazz Chorus

40 Watts

2 by 10

35 lbs

Solid State

If you don't like the tube tone for a jazz amp.  This may be the amp for you.  It is a solid state jazz amp that has been used for the last 50 years. 

Something notable about this amp is its durability.  These amps are known for lasting a lifetime.  This is another amp that you knick up over and over again without having to worry.  Making it a great traveling amp.

Marshal MG30

30 Watts

1 by 10

24 lbs

Solid State amp

Another solid state amp that packs a punch for a reasonable price.  You can always count on a Marshall amp to pack a punch.  

These amps have a very articulate high end that allows lead lines to sing through.  

This is another practice style amp that could not be used too much for gigging, but for the price is hard to beat.

Line 6 Spider 30

30 Watts

1 by 8

11 lbs

Solid State amp

I have a lot of experience with this amp, and although Line 6 isn't exactly known for jazz, you can certainly get a nice jazz tone out of it.

I see this as more of a beginner practice amp than anything, but if you love jazz as well as rock this amp would be awesome for you to start on.

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