7 Best Acoustic Guitar for Blues (2021 List)

Best For Slide

Gretsch Boxcar

Lowest Priced

Fender 60CC

Blues music on an acoustic guitar is a very raw art form.  That's why finding the best acoustic guitar for blues is a personal experience.  It is all based off of your sound, and what you want out if it.  Many times acoustic blues feels dirty, gritty, and most of all truthful.  Similar to a lot of country music, it is just three chords and the truth.  Often times it is just one person and their guitar telling you exactly what they're feeling. 

This makes it quite a challenging, but yet extremely rewarding art form.  

What Makes a Good Guitar for Blues?

Figuring out what the best acoustic guitar for blues is for your personal sound is a big challenge.  Because of that all of these guitars will be broken down, so you know the strengths and weaknesses of all these guitars.

The truth is that different people want different things.  Some people are searching for guitars that offer massive bass to really dig down into those chords on.  Others are looking for a guitar that will allow their melodies on the instrument to sing out, and have the guitar sound as one whole ensemble.  Finally some are simply looking for a balanced guitar sound that can pull off both.

Whatever the case is, we have got you covered here.  This list was created with both personal playing experience as well as research in to what hundreds of other players have experienced with these guitars, so you are not just getting one person's opinion.  Rather a whole overview of the upsides and downsides to each guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar Body for Blues

Just like we said before, the best acoustic guitar body changes depending on what you're looking for.  If you want a lot of bass then a dreadnought is the guitar for you.  If you want a little more of a balanced sound, maybe a 00 is what you need.  It all depends on what you like to hear.

Top Pick: Taylor 110e


  • Massive sound
  • Affordable for intermediate player
  • Electric-Acoustic with tone knobs
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Great quality control


  • Body shape prevents playing on higher frets
  • Too much bass for some
  • Price is not accessible for many beginners

I am starting off this list with the guitar I personally use for acoustic blues.  The guitar is an absolute behemoth.  If you are into just one man and one guitar, this very well could be the guitar for you.  There is almost something magical about the richness you get out of this guitar in tunings like DADGAD or open D.  The sound is absolutely unbelievable.  

The sound you get when plugged into an amp is exactly the sound you would expect from a piezo pickup.  No surprises there.  When plugged in, you do not get as much bass as when the guitar is played purely acoustic.

The Taylor 110e is absolutely a guitar for the "3 chords and the truth" guy.  Just sit down and dig in is all you gotta do.  I personally love having a guitar like this in my arsenal.  Because you cannot get the same richness out of many other body shapes.  For a rich and full bass sound the dreadnought might be the only way to go.  That is why this is the best acoustic for blues.

Taylor GS Mini-e


  • Small body allows higher notes to sing out
  • Compact and portable
  • Body shape is comfortable and easy to play


  • Cannot push out a lot of bass
  • No cutaway/ playing above the 14th fret can be difficult

A guitar like this would be best utilized in a finger style arrangement.  The small body of the guitar allows for the higher frequencies to ring out.  If you want to lay down beautiful melodic blues lines, this guitar will allow you to do that.  

Here is an example of how a smaller body guitar and finger style go together: Video Example

Although the lack of a cutaway can be slightly annoying, I rarely find myself needing to play way up there anyway.  Most prefer the sound of the guitar without the cutaway.  The cutaway cuts out even more bass, and that is not worth it to many.  I think it is better to like how the guitar sounds all the time, rather than be able to access those high notes once in a blue moon when needed.  Certainly a worthy trade off to me.

Another nice thing about this guitar is that it is great for performing.  Bigger guitars often make the players bend in strange ways to play the instrument efficiently.  This little guitar does none of that.  It fits super well in the hands of almost everyone.  Especially those with smaller hands.

If you have smaller hands this may be the guitar for you to consider.

Martin 000-15M


  • Exceptionally high quality instrument
  • Extremely versatile
  • Very balanced guitar


  • High price tag is not fit for all people's budgets
  • No cutaway making playing above the 14th fret difficult

This is an all around exceptional guitar.  It only makes sense though.  Martin has been known for making wildly good guitars for decades.  They don't miss very often when it comes to acoustic guitars.  Martin has nearly mastered the craft.  

In terms of acoustic blues, this guitar could really do anything you want it to.  Its balanced sound lends itself to almost any type of playing.  You could sit down and chunk out some chords to sing along with, or you could create a delicate blues finger style piece with melodies that sing out on top.  Because of the exceptional build quality and balanced sound of this guitar, it can do almost anything you throw at it.

This is another guitar without a cutaway.  As I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't let that scare you away.  It is very rare to need to be able to play up there.  Especially on an acoustic guitar.  

If you are looking for a super high quality, all mahogany, blues guitar that has a super balanced sound that can be used for nearly anything.  This guitar could be perfect for you.

Gretsch 9200 Boxcar


  • Unique resonater guitar sound
  • Super affordable
  • Great quality for the price
  • Does finger style super well
  • Super well reviewed


  • Not very versatile
  • a little uncomfortable to play
  • Uncommon neck shape

This is the best acoustic guitar for slide blues.  It sounds amazing with a slide.  Perfect for deep delta style blues.  The tone is unlike anything you'll get out of a normal acoustic guitar.  For the low price tag it carries, the quality it delivers is out of this world.  It has a 95% 5 star rating on amazon.  In fact the only rating on it that was not 5 stars was 4 stars.  

All that being said this guitar will have a learning curve to it due to its difference from a normal acoustic guitar.  The action is a little higher, the strings are spaced a litter further apart, and the neck is a unique shape.  All that, and then add on the fact that these guitars are at their best when played with a slide.  That is another learning curve and skill to master.

But for the low price it is a unique guitar that every well rounded guitarist should have in their arsenal.  The unique sound is something you cannot get out of any other type of guitar.  They are in a class all by themselves.  

No matter where you are in your guitar journey, you will need a guitar like this eventually.  One thing I can say for sure, is that this is the best acoustic blues guitar under $500.

Cordoba C9 Crossover


  • Unique sound
  • Extreme durability
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Has a sound that not many people have in their arsenals 
  • Balanced sound


  • Not very versatile
  • Plays differently than a normal acoustic guitar

This is a guitar that can be used for a very specific sound.  Nylon string blues is not a very common sound.  If that is your jam though, this could very well be the guitar for you.  This another guitar that I see being used a lot for finger style arrangements.  That is how nylon strings sound the best.  Played with the fingers.  A pick kinda creates a corny sound to many peoples ears.  It just does not sound very musical on a nylon string guitar.

Other than all that though this is an extremely durable guitar.  It will last a lifetime.  This is another type of guitar that everyone will need eventually.  It is good for a guitarist to own every different type of guitar so that they can use all sorts of different sounds to figure out what their sound is.  

Nylon string guitars are not exactly a super cool or sexy guitar to own, but to me that is what makes them cool.  It is a sound that has not been fully explored yet.  There are so many ways that you could make a nylon string guitar a new and unique sound to you.  

Taylor 214ce
  • Mid tier price, top tier quality
  • Great playability
  • Balanced sound
  • Beautiful melodies
  • Extremely versatile
  • A few quality control issues.  D string has been known to buzz

This is a guitar I fell in love with when I was in college.  My guitar teacher owned one of these, and when I put it in my hands I was amazed at how well it played.  It is what made me into a big Taylor fan.  This guitar has a perfectly balanced sound that can do it all.  

In terms of blues this guitar has the potential to really do anything.  It would fit especially well into an ensemble.  Due to its balanced sound it fits super well in with other instrumentalists.  It won't impede on the bass player's territory, or on the territory of the piano's right hand.  That is the beauty of a balanced guitar.

All that said, I have read a few reviews about the D string buzzing on this guitar, and that is actually something I have noticed myself on some Taylor guitars I own.  It truly is not that big of a deal.  Just a little annoying.  

To me I think this is the best acoustic guitar for blues.

Best Budget Acoustic Guitar for Blues

Fender CC60


  • Very affordable
  • Plays better than most guitars at the same price point
  • A trusted brand


  • Will not last very long
  • Intonation is quite irregular
  • Doesn't stay in tune super well

I actually mentioned this guitar in my "Best Guitars under 300" article Click here to read article

This guitar is really just one of the all around best beginner acoustic guitar.  It is another guitar that can really do anything you ask of it.

The downside of this guitar is its low build quality.  Obviously at low price points you will get guitars that are not built as well.  This leads to guitars going out of tune faster, the intonation going wonky higher up the neck, and higher likelihood of things like strings breaking.

I do not want to sour your opinion of this guitar though.  For the price it is a great guitar.  I own a guitar that costs double the price of this guitar, and all day every day I would rather play this Fender guitar.

If you have a smaller budget this very well could be the best acoustic guitar for blues for you.

Final Thoughts

As with everything in music.  The best guitar for one person isn't the best for another.  Figure out what you want, and a price you are willing to pay, and from there you can find your perfect guitar.

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