PRS SE Custom 24 Review (2021 Review)

Within this review of the PRS Se Custom 24 we will be going over the guitars specs, special features of this guitar, as well as how this guitar performs in an assortment of genres.

prs se custom 24


  • Great build quality
  • Extremely versatile
  • Exceptional guitar for rock and roll
  • Easy to play
  • Looks pretty


  • Goes out of tune frequently
  • Not a great jazz guitar

PRS Se Custom 24 Specs

  • Mahogany body
  • Maple top
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Wide Thin Neck
  • 85/15 S humbucker pickups 
  • PRS nickel tremolo
  • PRS stock tuners 
  • Push pull switch on tone knob for coil tapping
  • 25" scale legnth
  • Three way selector switch
  • PRS SE 24 Weight: 8.5 LBS
The 85/15 pickups create a very natural and balanced sound that comes from the guitar.  It is a very natural EQ that can manipulated in any way someone would like to.  The balanced sound also makes it a very versatile guitar.  It can rip out lead lines, and it can take a back seat to sit in a groove.  As long as you have the know how to dial in a tone, this guitar can give you almost exactly what you want.  It is almost like a blank canvas for the player to make their own sonic mark on.  The neck shape is also something that is great for most players.  It is a very neutral neck shape meaning that it isn't a very strange neck shape.  If there is one thing to be noted about the PRS SE Custom 24's neck, it would be that it is a tad bit thinner than the average guitar neck.  Other than that though, I do not foresee anyone having issues with the neck shape.  It fits in most hands well and it makes the guitar easy to play.

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Coil Tapping - PRS SE Custom 24 Review

This guitar actually features what is called "Coil splitting", but most people just call it coil tapping, so that is what we will call it as well.  By pulling and pushing in the tone knob of the guitar, the player can switch between a humbucker pickup and a single coil pickup.  Since a humbucker is simply two single coil pickups put together, one set of coils just gets shut off, and then it creates a single coil sound.  

Single coils produce a much brighter and spankier tone than humbuckers.  Because of this single coils are often used for genres like funk, blues, and R&B.  The natural EQ of the coils favors those genres.  Also in these genres the guitar is often times an instrument that plays high pitched rhythm parts.  Guitarists like Nile Rodgers, Cory Wong, and Prince all used single coil style guitars to help craft their sounds.

Humbucker pickups offer a much fuller and richer sound than single coils do, and they sound great with a little overdrive.  Because of this they are often times used for genres like rock and metal.  Humbuckers can also be used for more delicate genres as well though.  Humbucking pickups are very common in the jazz guitar world.  Legendary jazz guitars like the Gibson super 400 and the Gretsch White Falcon use humbucker pickups.

Having both these pickup types on one guitar makes it an extremely versatile instrument.

Versatility - PRS SE Custom 24 Review

As mentioned before, this guitar performs extremely well in a whole assortment of genres.  Because of this we think it would be good to break down our personal experiences with this guitar in different genres after playing this guitar for a few years.  

Rock and Metal

This guitar can absolutely keep up with any other guitar in these genres.  They sound absolutely insane with a little bit of overdrive through a nice amp.  For rock and metal tones I like to run this amp through a Marshall DSL40.  The combination of this guitar and that amp can't really be beat in that price range.  This guitar sounds great when trying to replicate classic rock tones like Boston, or when trying to replicate new age metal tones like Avenged Sevenfold.  

If punk rock is more your thing thang classic rock or metal you can pull out the tone knob.  This will make the guitar use the single coil pickups instead of the humbuckers.  Throw on some overdrive, and you have a perfect punk rock sound.  From Blink-182 to Green Day, it'll all sound great on this guitar.


This guitar is great for modern country.  Down in Nashville PRS guitars have been the hot new thing for the last 5 years or so.  If you are looking to replicate sounds you hear on Luke Combs or Morgan Wallen records you certainly can do that with this guitar.  

A small drawback with this guitar in country music is that it doesn't quite offer the twang of the legendary Telecaster.  

If the twang is something you would rather do without, but you want to play modern country music.  This could very well be the guitar for you.


This guitar gets the job done in the funk realm.  Personally I prefer to play my strat when playing funk, but that doesn't mean this guitar still isn't great for it.  The PRS Se Custom 24 offers a pure straight ahead single coil tone that can absolutely be used for funk music. 

Whether you are tying to replicate legends like Nile Rodgers, or modern players like Cory Wong this guitar can certainly sit in a cut with the best of them.  

This guitar can absolutely get by playing jazz.  However, I think there are many better options in the same price range.  Most times jazz guitars are semi hollow or fully hollow.  The hollowness of a guitar really effects the tone greatly.  This guitar being solid body does not quite have the right tone for Freddie Green style jazz.  It is not terrible by any means, but if jazz is purely what you were hoping to play with this guitar, I would like to point you in a different direction.  Maybe a D'Angelico Excel Ex-1 would suit your wants much better.

This guitar is a great jack of all trades guitar.  Not only that, but it shines in genres like rock, metal, and country.  I think this is a great guitar especially for intermediate guitarists.  It is a guitar they can consistently rely on that can get them through almost any genre or style of music.  The build quality of these instruments is tremendous.  PRS doesn't let anything leave their factories that isn't top notch.  

I really couldn't recommend this guitar enough.  It is a great all around guitar that can get you through almost any musical situation.  I personally have played it for jazz, country, rock, and funk gigs.  It has gotten me through all of them just fine. 

Thus concludes the PRS Custom 24 Review.  Let us know what you think about this guitar in the comments!

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