Fender DeVille 212 Review

This Review of the Fender DeVille 212 will go over:
  • Specs
  • Tone
  • Performance in different genres
  • Gigability 

Fender DeVille 212 Specs

The Fender amp is a 60 watt amplifier with two 12 inch celestian speakers, three 12AX7 preamp tubes, and two 6L6 power amp tubes.  It comes equipped with three selectable channels (Normal, Drive, and More Drive).  Tone controls include: reverb, presence, bass, middle, treble, master volume, volume, a drive select switch, and a brightness switch.  The reverb it comes with is a spring reverb, and the amp weighs about 55lbs.  The Fender DeVille dimensions are 26 by 24 by 13 inches, and it weighs about 67 Lbs.

All of these things combine to create that classic Fender amp sound.  Bright and clear cleans, and great sounding break up tones.  The Fender DeVille 212 is outstandingly versatile, but would certainly leave something to be desired in a super heavy genre like metal.

Fender Hot Rod DeVille Review - Genres

Rock and Roll

The Fender DeVille 212 is Fender's attempt at making an amplifier for rock and roll.  That is why it has so many drive options.  This amp blends the classic Fender amplifier sound with a wide array of drive options to create a great versatile product.  The Fender amp sound is somewhat of a classic and vintage sound, and because of that the Fender DeVille 212 has somewhat of a classic rock vibe to it.  It is perfect for recreating the sounds of bands like Kansas, Boston, and many others from that same time period.  Since this amp has so many drive options that come right on the amp, the need for pedals is lessened a ton which is great for players on a budget.  The only real downside of this amp for rock and roll is that its gain levels are kinda limited.  You are simply just not going to get the same type of overdrive you get out of a Marshall or an Orange Crush amp, and that limits how heavy the music you play can get.

Rock and Roll Rating: 8.6/10


The Fender Deville 212 is a very solid choice for a lot of modern country sounds.  The sounds heard on a lot of new country artists records like Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, and Jon Pardi can all be recreated very easily with this amp.  When this amp is combines with a Telecaster, it is an absolute country machine.  Not only is this amp great for modern country, it also can recreate a lot of classic country sounds.  As mentioned before, Fender amps have a very classic sound to them.  This classic sound is exactly what you hear all the time on older country records.  

Country Rating 9/10


This amp's ability to be a great rock and country amp does not come at the expense of other genres.  The Fender DeVille 212 is crazy good funk amp.  Just the clean signal of a Stratocaster through this amp creates a tone that is perfect for sounds like Earth, Wind and Fire, or new age funk bands like Vulfpeck.  This is really what sets the Fender Deville 212 apart from other amps in my head.  It is a great amp for so many different genres.  The only issue with this amp relating to funk music is that a lot of funk guitar is super compressed, and just the clean signal through the amp is obviously not compressed.  There aren't really any tube amps that have a built in compressor though, so there isn't really a better alternative.  The compressor I use was bought from Guitar Center used for $85.  It does exactly what I need from it, and nothing more.  I will link it below.                                                              

Funk Rating 8.5/10


There is not much else to say that hasn't already been said.  The Fender Deville 212 is also a killer blues amp.  One of the most impactful players on my playing was John Mayer.  The moment I plugged into this amp and ripped on some bluesy Mayer riffs I was blown away.  Time and time again this amp kills it in a wide array of genres.  The tone that comes from this amp is killer for blues, and it will blow your balls off too.  Not much else to say.

Blues Rating: 9/10

Gigability - Fender DeVille 212

Here lies possibly the biggest issue with the Fender DeVille 212.  It is an absolute behemoth of an amplifier.  Playing a few nights a week is a pain with this amp.  It is so heavy and difficult to carry around.  With that being said.  The volume it can pump out is more than enough, and the tone it produces is absolutely a professional sound.  Overall I think this amp is a bit of a pain to gig with, but it sounds great, and it can fill a venue with sound.

Gigability Rating: 5/10

Conclusion - Fender DeVille 212

Maybe this review is a little biased because I am such a massive fan of this amp, but I am simply telling you what I have observed and truly think.  That is why I have included it on many different lists including the "Best Amp for Stratocaster" list.  I hope this helped you if you are thinking about purchasing this amp. Soon we will have an article on the difference between the Fender Hot Rod DeVille vs. the Deluxe, but for now, farewell.

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