11 Best Guitar Amps Under 200 (2021 List)

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Finding the best guitar amp under 200 is a difficult task.  Especially because often times beginners are the ones looking for lower priced amps.  As a beginner you likely have no idea what to look for.  Most of the times beginners purchase their first amp just based on the looks of it.  If you want an amp that looks cool this is a good way to go, but not if you want an amp that actually sounds good, and will last you a long time.  

Unfortunately, to find the best guitar amp under 200 you will need to sift through a lot of garbage amps.  Many amps claim to give professional sound at the beginner price, but this is nothing more than marketing garbage.  There is a reason almost zero professionals use amps under 200 USD.  Because those amps cannot produce a professional tier sound.  With that being said, there are still many guitar amps under 200 that are great for beginners, and will get you started in the right direction.  

In this article you can learn which amps are best suited for what genre, and what their individual strengths as well as weaknesses are.  All to help you find the best guitar amp under 200.

P.S. we have gotten requests to talk about the best tube amp under 200.  The only issue with this is that there isn't really a tube amp under 200 worth mentioning.  None of them stand up to the quality we expect from an amplifier.  

Best Amps Under 200 List

Fender Champion - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

The Fender Champion has always been the tried and true beginner amp for so many.  It is a fastball right down the middle.  An amp under 200 that gives you a good clean sound with a few built in effects.  These built in effects include reverb, chorus, flanger, and delay.  They are built by a reputable company, so you know what you are getting will work.  

These amps are pretty versatile for an amp under 200 USD, but I believe they sound the best clean or with just a little grit on them.  That makes these amps ideal for genres like: blues, jazz, light rock and roll, country, and most pop music.  Genres these amps have difficulty with mostly consist of heavier music.  For music like metal and hard rock there are certainly better alternatives on this list.

A big pro of this amp is that it comes in well below the 200 USD mark, making it the best budget guitar amp.  Whether you are looking for your first guitar amp or the best practice amp under 200,  This very well could be the amp for you.

Orange Crush 20RT - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

The Orange Crush 20RT has been mentioned a lot in our recent articles.  It is on both our "Best Guitar Amp Under 300" list, and our "Best Beginner Guitar Amp" list.  This is because it is a pretty awesome amp for beginners looking to play music with higher gain settings.  Higher gain settings is what this amp specializes in.  It comes with a few basic controls including an EQ as well as reverb, a tuner, and a switch labelled "Clean" and "Dirty".  These controls allow the user to alter their sound drastically without being too confusing which is perfect for beginners.  It allows them to find their sound without confusing beginners with a bunch of useless music jargon.  

As mentioned before, this amp is best for higher gain playing.  That makes this amp great for genres from classic rock to heavy metal.  The most common critique of these amps is how the clean tones are lacking.  Luckily for many people, they never plan on playing clean ever.  A lot of players rarely wander away from their overdriven sound.  So if the quality of the clean tones is not much of a factor to you, that's perfect.

This is another amp that comes in well below 200 USD.  Even better, right?  If you are looking for an amp that can pump out killer tones with high gain settings this may be the best guitar amp under 200 for you.

Fender Acoustasonic - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

The Fender Acoustasonic 40 is the best acoustic guitar amp under 200.  Something that is really cool about this amp is that vocals and guitar can come out of the amp at the same time.  This makes it perfect for things like a solo coffee shop performance, and just practicing at home.  I have used this amp many times for small performances.  I play through it, the singer sings through it, and it works perfectly fine.  

Something that is really difficult to figure out with this amp at first is how to eliminate feedback.  Feedback is a big issue with acoustic electric guitars.  Feedback happens when the amplified signal gets back into the original sound source, and then gets amplified again.  I have found the two best ways to eliminate or lessen feedback is to simply face the amp away from the guitar, or block the sound hole.  Sound hole blockers can be bought online for a few bucks, or you can simply tape a CD over the sound hole.  Both with work just fine.  

Since acoustic music is so often what is played in coffee shops and other small venues, this amp is perfect for those types of gigs.

For my money the Fender Acoustasonic is the best guitar amp under 200 for acoustic guitars.

Blackstar ID: Core 40 V2 - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

This is my personal favorite amp on this list for heavier genres.  Genres like hard rock and metal.  This amp has absolutely killer tone in a small package.  Along with just great tone this amp also offers a ton of cool features.

This amp comes with a few built in effects like reverb, chorus, and delay.  These simple effects can add a ton to your sound, and managing them is super easy with the amp interface.  This amp is also stereo meaning it has two speakers working side by side to create the sound you hear.  Finally this amp also comes with a download for SonusOne a recording software, so you can start recording yourself, and making music right away.  

This amp comes in at a killer price, so please don't be afraid of getting this amp.  You certainly won't regret it. 

Fender Mustang - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

The Fender Mustang is a great affordable versatile amp.  It comes stock with over 100 presets.  Not only that, but you can create your own, or download other's using an app.  It is pretty cool to want to have a specific tone.  Look it up, and have it downloaded on your amp in seconds.  Tone presets are released by both Fender and community members.  This makes the Fender Mustang the best modeling amp under 200.

Because of the ability to download tones and create your own.  This amp is extremely versatile.  It really can do whatever you ask of it.  I have used this amp for gigs that I need to switch to completely different tones very quickly.  One tune I would need a jazz sound, and the next a rock tone.  It is as easy as turning the dial on the amp.  

As much as I love this amp for its versatility, it does have a few downsides as well.  I think that although modeling amps are a great tool, they just don't sound as good as a real tube amp with the analog pedals, but that's just my opinion.  Many people love the sounds from a modeling amp, and honestly no one besides guitar players will be able to hear the difference.  It all sounds pretty much the same to non guitar players.  Another small downside of this amp is that It cannot pump out too much volume, but that is true of most beginner amps.

The last thing I would like to mention about this amp is that many modeling amps cannot achieve both a good clean tone, and a good sounding dirty tone, but this amp can certainly do both.  The cleans are good enough to get you by, and so are the dirty sounds.

All of this and more is what makes the Fender Mustang the best electric guitar amp under 200.

Vox Pathfinder 10 - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

The Vox Pathfinder 10 comes in a tiny package, but don't let that mistake you, it can pump out some serious sound.  This amp is a super teeny tiny amp that sounds great and as authentic as amps double or triple the price of it.  

This amp is quite versatile.  It can get you through almost any genre.  The exceptions would lie in genres like Metal and super hard rock.  Other than that, these are super versatile amps that really you cannot go wrong with.  

The sound of this amp is very authentically Vox.  Vox amps are said to have a "vintage" sound to them.  This is because Vox amps were the amps of the British Invasion.  Bands like The Beatles, The Animals, and the Yardbirds all used Vox amps.  Many of us grew up listening to these bands and that gives the Vox tone a bit of a nostalgic feel.

Vox amps are said to have a chime like quality to them.  They produce a lot of high end and do not pump out a ton of bass or mids.  The sound has often been described as "jangly".  Mids are what really adds beef to a guitar sound, and Vox amp are known making amps that are particularly not mid rangey. 

This amp is quite versatile, and is a great start for anyone looking to buy the best guitar amp under 200.  

NUX Mighty Lite BT - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

The NUX Mighty Lite BT is a killer practice amp.  It runs well below $200, and is perfect for bedroom practice.  This is an amp for someone that wants to be able to take their practice on the go with them.  The amp is about as big as a brick, so you can stow it away, or carry it anywhere with you.  This is the practice amp I personally use because I find it to be the highest quality.  Also it has some really cool features that aid in practice.  

This amp includes a built in metronome, so you can work on getting perfect time.  As well as sample drum loops and backing tracks to jam along with.  I think that this is both great for practice as well as creativity.  Something many guitarists miss out on in the beginner stages is playing with other musicians.  This amp allows for you to feel what its like playing with a drummer, or with a band.  The importance of that cannot be overstated.  If your ultimate goal is to make music, this amp helps you get there quicker than others.  One more small feature is that it doubles as a bluetooth speaker that you can listen and play out of at the same time.

With all that being said this amp does have some downsides.  The biggest one would be simply that it is not big enough to play anywhere.  It is a practice amp and a practice amp only.  Most of the other amps on this list are at least able to fill a coffee shop, but this one is best left in the bedroom.  

Overall I think this is a great tool that everyone must acquire at some point.  So if you are looking for a great practice amp this could be the best guitar amp under 200 for you!

Danelectro HoneyTone - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

The HoneyTone is another super small amp meant for desktop practice.  This one is priced far lower than the NUX Mighty Lite BT though.  In terms of tone this amp absolutely gets the job done.  However, this amp does not have all of the same features as the NUX.  It does not offer a metronome, drum loops, backing tracks, bluetooth capabilities, or built in effects.  With all honesty though, the metronome, drum loops, and backing tracks are pretty easy to find online.  I think you truly get what you pay for with this amp.  It is cheap and affordable, but you don't get all the fancy features.  

This amp is just a fastball down the middle.  A super small practice amp for guitar that sounds good and is affordable.

Amps Slightly Above 200

Marshall MG30- Best Guitar Amp Under 200

 If you are looking for an amp for rock or metal this could certainly be it for you.  This thing is killer when it's overdriven a little.  Amazing rock tones for a great price.  It comes with four channels. Clean, crunch, overdrive 1, and overdrive 2.  Each increase the amount the amp is overdriven.  Because of that overdrive 2 is your highest gain channel.  This channel is perfect for hard rock and metal.  Something cool about these channels is that you can save one preset on each channel, so if you really like how something sounds, you can save it.  Even if the dials get all messed up, the setting will still be saved, and will sound exactly the same.  

This amp also comes with some built in effects.  These effects include chorus, flanger, phaser, and delay.  Along with that, the amp also comes with two reverb options, studio and spring.  Spring reverb is exactly like all other spring reverbs, but the studio reverb is more like a large room reverb.  

For someone who likes high gain guitar playing this amp could be phenomenal.  It is at an amazing price point as well.  Great for a beginner looking to get into higher gain genres.

Boss Katana - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

This amp is the king of tone for low priced amps.  There are tons of side by side comparisons to amps that cost thousands of dollars more than this one, and highly skilled guitarists cannot tell the difference.  

This amp does a pretty good job when it is played cleanly, but where it really shines is once there is a little overdrive on the signal.  It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between an amp like this and something like a Marshall DSL 40.  To put it simply, I don't think there is an amp with tone this good until you pay three to four times as much.  This amp is truly incredible.  

This amp also comes with a few effects preloaded on it.  These include flanger, chorus, reverb, and boosts.  Also through the Boss Tone Studio, you can edit the effects you are using, to get more effects, or just get the right type of effect.

Yamaha THR 10 - Best Guitar Amp Under 200

This is a super cool and unique amp.  Its high portability as well as unique features like doubling as a bluetooth speaker make this amp a top tier low priced amp.  Similar to other amps on this list it comes with a few built in effects.  These include flanger, delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, and tremolo.  Along with all of those effects it also has 5 different channels with increasing levels of gain.  This amp produces great clean tones, and great high gain tones.  

With all that being said, this amp is not much more than a practice amp.  It cannot quite put out the volume needed for most performances, but that is okay because that is clearly its intent.  A practice amp should be small and super easy to carry around.  This amp is only about six pounds and its dimensions are about 14" by 7" by 6".  This is great because if I don't need the volume, I would much rather carry around this amp than my 55lbs Hot Rod DeVille.

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