7 Best Basses for Small Hands (2021 List)

Wanting to play bass, but having small hands might seem like a big issue at first.  Most people with small hands struggle enough to just play a normal sized guitar.  The bass guitar however, is far larger than a regular guitar.  This makes beginning far harder than it needs to be.  If you think that your hands are too small for bass, don't worry because we are here to help you find best bass for small hands. 

Best Bass Guitars for Small Hands List

#1 Pick: Fender Mustang Bass

The Fender Mustang Bass is a mid price level bass that delivers high quality sounds, and playing experience.  It comes with two single coil Fender bass pickups and a three way selector switch.  As well as a tone and volume control knob.  That's it.  Super simple, but super effective.  This guitar does not mess around with fancy additions that serve almost no purpose.  It is exactly what it is, and it does what it does extremely well.

There are many reasons why we believe this to be the best bass for those of us with small hands.  

The first would be because it has a 30 inch scale length.  Scale length is the distance from the bridge to the nut.  Normal bass guitars will have a scale length of 34 inches.  Cutting down on the scale length greatly helps those with small hands because they have to stretch less to reach the same notes.

The second reason why we believe this is the best bass for small hands is simply because it is a great value.  It is an instrument that is capable of being played professionally at a mid level price.  Fender makes great instruments in this price range.  I own a Stratocaster that was the same price as this bass, and I like it way more than my Stratocaster that I paid $1000 for.  To prove it here is a short and simple review I found on amazon on the Fender Mustang Bass. 

If you are looking for a Fender precision bass, you have found the best Fender Precision Bass for small hands.

A great Bass. Particularly a great value for the money. Great sound and ease of use and quality of build. Impressed.

Michael Platt

The final reason we think this is the best bass for small hands is that the neck radius is perfect for small hands.  This bass has a 9.5 inch neck radius.  That sized neck should fit comfortably within the hands of someone with smaller hands.  

Overall this bass is amazing for anyone, but for people with small hands it is absolutely killer.  You simply cannot beat the playability and price of this bass.  

Best Bass Guitar for Beginners

Squier Bronco Bass

The Squier Bronco Bass is the perfect beginner bass.  It has that small 30 inch scale length, and is the lowest priced bass we are mentioning today.  The small size and low price make it the best bass guitar for beginners

Often times a price as low as this one might scare away buyers because they often times think that a super low price tag means super low quality.  However, this is not the case with the Squier Bronco Bass.  Most basses within this price range will sound and feel like utter garbage, but this one gives you a very genuine bass sound and feel.  

This Bass comes equipped with a slim C shaped neck that is great for small hands because the slimmer the neck, the easier you can reach around it.  

Some other important things to know about this bass is that it comes equipped with one single coil pickup, has 19 frets, and is made of Ash wood.  Ash wood is a relatively light wood, so the bass itself will be lightweight, and not crazy heavy like some other basses.

Here is another review found on Amazon.

Sure, you can spend an extra thousand dollars or more for a "professional" bass. But in terms of quality, it's only going to be 5% better than this one. I am blown away by this thing! To say that it exceeded my expectations is a massive understatement. I could not be happier.

Robert burton robinson

Overall this is a great bass guitar for any beginner, but particularly for people with small hands this bass will do wonders.

Most Iconic Bass - Best Bass for Small Hands

Hoffner Violin Bass

The Hofner Violin bass is one of the most instantly recognizable basses in the world.  That is of course because Paul McCartney is famous for playing them.  Aside from looking super unique, these basses are not to far off from a normal bass guitar.  Listen to the demo above to hear that.

Just like all the other basses on this list, the Hofner Violin bass has a 30 inch scale length.  Making it great for People with small hands.  Also since people with small hands are often times small people.  The small and compact body is better for them as well.  

The control panel on this bass is quite a strange sight.  It has two knobs and three switches.  The knobs are controlling the volume for the pickups, and the switches control the pickup selection, as well as having a switch for solo and rhythm.

Overall this bass is super cool, and if you are a massive Beatles fan this could certainly the best bass for small hands in your case.

Best Funk Bass - Best Bass for Small Hands

Sterling By Music Man

The Sterling by Music Man is the bass that the Joe Dart signature model is based off of.  Joe Dart is the Bassist for the new age funk band Vulfpeck.  He is an absolute animal.  If you don't believe me, take a listen to some of the concert down below.

The Sterling by Music Man bass as well as the Joe Dart signature bass are both super straight forward simple shortscale basses.  They both only have one humbucking pickup, and they are funk machines.  

They produce a super awesome fat passive bass sound that gives a super strong foundation for any group.  

I believe the Sterling by Music Man to be a relatively underrated bass.  It is not often times brought up in the conversation with fender J and P basses, but it absolutely should be in the conversation.  

This bass, just like all the other ones on this list, has a 30 inch scale length, and is pretty reasonably priced.  It is in the mid price range.  Around that of what an intermediate player should be spending on a bass.

For a small handed funk lover this could be the best bass for small hands.  Classic tunes like "I want you back" by the Jackson 5, "Ain't no mountain high enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, and "September" by Earth Wind and Fire all sound amazing on this bass.  If Someone like Joe Dart chooses to base his signature model off of this instrument you know that it is a good quality bass.

Here is a quote from a review of this bass left on Bassgearmag.com

The first thing that immediately jumped out at me was how comfortable the 30” scale neck felt when wrapping my hands around it. For folks like myself (who have smaller sized hands), this is a dream come true scenario. 

joe burcaw

Best Low Priced Versatile Bass - Best Bass for Small Hands

Epiphone EB-3

The Epiphone EB-3 has the classic body shape of a Gibson SG.  Which can be seen on the right.  

Gibson SG - Best Bass for Small Hands

The Gibson SG is an absolutely classic guitar.  Many guitar greats have been known to play Gibson SG's, but one in particular always come to mind.  Angus Young of ACDC.  He made the SG super popular, and a cherry red SG is almost synonymous with his name.  

Sadly, we are not talking about the Gibson SG, we are talking about the Epiphone EB-O.  I just thought you should have some reference as to what guitar this bass is trying to look like.  

The Epiphone EB-O is very similar to many of the other basses on this list.  One thing to note about this bass however, is that its scale length is not 30 inches, but rather 30.5 inches.  Realistically that will not make that large of a difference when playing, but it is just something to make note of.  

Some other things to notice about the bass is how simple it is.  It comes with one pickup and two knobs.  One for tone, and one knob for volume.  

I have only gotten my hands on one of these, but I remember it playing very well, and I was really digging the size of the bass itself.  I noticed that this bass is pretty versatile for the price.  It really could work in a number of different settings very very well. 

If you are looking for a bass that can do it all for a very low price this could certainly be the bass for you.

Best Low Price Rock and Roll Bass - Best Bass for Small Hands

Ibanez GSRM20

The Ibanez GSRM20 is also known as the Ibanez Mikro bass.  This great Ibanez short scale bass obviously gets that name because it is a super small and compact bass.  The Ibanez GSRM20 is actually the smallest bass on this list, and one of the lowest priced basses on this list.  The scale length of this bass is 28.5 inches.  This makes it significantly smaller than all the other basses on this list, and a long shot away from normal 34 inch scale length basses.  People with short fingers should have no trouble playing this bass guitar.

This bass comes with two pickups in a PJ configuration.  That means that the bridge pickup is a Jazz style pickup, and the front pickup is a P style pickup.  Both pickups have their own unique sound, and it is cool to have both on a beginner level bass.  Along with the two pickups this bass comes with 3 knobs.  A volume knob, and tone knob, and a pickup selector knob.  

For the price this bass packs a punch.  It creates a super pure and classic bass sound.  What else could you ask for from a super cheap bass?

Here is a review found online for this bass.

I own Rickenbackers Fenders Gibsons Hamers and a few boutique basses, and the one I always grab on band nights is my miKro. Friggen bass is light, has surprisingly powerful PUs, and an excellent honest neck. A great bass. Pound for pound and inch for inch the best bass I own.

Ricky CS


There are tonnes of awesome basses for people of all sizes if you just take the time to look.  If you have smaller hands maybe a shortscale bass is what is best for you.  There is no need to try to play a super big instrument that is uncomfortable when you could just as easily pickup a smaller one that feels much better for you.

Also know that there are many option in terms of sounds.  Although it is super easy to base your purchase purely off of looks, make sure the sound of the bass is the kind you like as well.  If you want to play metal, buying a bass that is suited for jazz is probably a terrible idea.  Visa Versa as well.  

In the end just make sure you can have fun on the instrument.  As I've said before and will say again, music isn't a competition of who can play notes the fastest.  It is a way to have fun and express yourself,  so just make sure you're having fun with it.

FAQ Section

Why are Basses so big?

Bass guitars are so much larger than regular guitars because they simply have to produce a much lower pitch.  Two factors go into how low a string sounds.  How long the string is, and how thick the string is.  Because of this basses need to have really long strings.  These long and thick strings make basses far larger than normal guitars, and much more difficult to play for those of us with smaller hands.    

To fix this people often times will shorten the length of the string but make it fatter. this will allow for the string to resonate at the correct frequency.  The most common bass scale lengths are 34". (also known as standard scale) 32", and 30" (also known as shortscale).  

Can you Play Bass with Small Hands?

Of course you can!  Obviously it may put you at a slight disadvantage if you have small hands, but thats alright.  Playing music isn't about being the best to ever do it.  It isn't a competition.  Music is about having fun, and expressing yourself while playing.  People with any sized hand can do both of those things on a bass guitar.  

If you want to become super super technically proficient at the instrument, it might be a little harder for you than someone with massive hands, but nothing beats practice.  If you practice efficiently more than another person, no matter how big their hands are, you will be better than them at the instrument.  Plain and simple.

Should I get a Shortscale Bass?

If you are reading this article, odds are you have small hands.  A shortscale bass is something that can help you a ton.  There is nothing wrong with using a shortscale bass.  People that try to say otherwise are super silly.  If a shortscale bass suits your body better, there is no reason to try to play a super big uncomfortable instrument.  It will only lead to frustration, and that leads to quitting.  We don't want that. 

How do I get Better at Bass?

Luckily for you we have an article written on just that topic.  The article is titles How to get Better at Guitar, and can be found here: Click Here to Read!

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