How Much do Guitar Strings Cost?

Cost to Change Guitar Strings

How much do guitar strings cost ?  Guitar strings come in a wide array of options.  All of them have their own unique sound and feel.  The cost of these strings though comes down to a few factors.  The biggest of these factors is simply the material the string is made out of.  For instance steel strings are going to be more expensive than nickel strings because steel is simply just more expensive than nickel.  So if you ask " how much do guitar strings cost "? you're mostly just asking what the strings are made out of.   

We will go over some strings all across the price spectrum and explain them to you, and how they might be the right string for you, or maybe not the right string for you.

Some other things to consider while looking for strings are the gauge of the string, and if the string is coated or not.  

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String Gauge
how much do guitar strings cost

The gauge of the string simply refers to how big around the string is in 1000ths of an inch.  The most common string gauges for electric guitars are .9-.42 or .10-.46.  Both of these sets are light enough to bend easily, and they are thick enough that they won't rattle all over the place.  The choice between the two is really a preference thing.

Heavier gage strings also known as thicker gauge strings are good for things like hard strumming, drop tunings, and jazz.  Heavier gauge strings are advantageous for these things because if you are strumming hard, a thicker string will create more tension which makes the strings less likely to rattle creating an undesirable sound.  They are used for drop tunings for the same reason.  The more tension the less likely the strings will rattle against the frets.  Finally a heavier gauge string is good for jazz because in jazz the guitar is mostly a rhythm section instrument, and its role is to chunk out a bunch of quarter notes.  Not a lot of bending is required.

Lighter gauge strings are better for less developed players because they will hurt their fingers less, and players that are soloing a lot.  Bending is a super common solo technique and because of that lighter strings are best for soloing.  A strange exception to this is Stevie Ray Vaughn though.  He used thicker strings than most companies even sell, so not every rule is perfect, but generally thinner strings are better for soloing.

How Much does it Cost to Restring one String on a Guitar?

Unfortunately, if you are replacing one string on a guitar, you will likely need to buy all six strings.  You're cost will be exactly the same as if you were replacing all of the strings.

If you are thinking about just restringing one string on a guitar, replace the whole set.  It makes a lot more sense to just do the whole thing.  

I've also seen people ask "how much does it cost to fix a guitar string" I think they are just asking the same question as how much does it cost to restring one string on a guitar. so the answer is the same.

Where to Buy Guitar Strings

You can find guitar strings at any local music shop, or just buy them on amazon.  Every type of string you could ever need is on amazon.

String Coating
How much do guitar strings cost

String coating first came along in the late 1990's from the Elixir company.  By adding a coating the the strings they would last much longer.  Because of that they could justify a higher price.  Some people always play with coated strings, and some people never do.  

Some feel that the coating lessens the tone of the strings, and dampens the sound.  Because of that and the higher price many people like to stay away from them.  

It truly is an opinion thing.  I personally like using coated acoustic guitar strings, but not coated electric guitar strings.  I really couldn't tell you why.  It's just a preference.

The Best Electric Guitar Strings
How much do guitar strings cost

The best electric guitar strings are obviously something that is subjective.  That is why we will be showing you a combination of our personal favorite sets of strings, as well as the best selling strings on the market.  

We hope to show you sets of strings from the cheap ones all the way to the premium ones.  That way you can see what is all over the spectrum and make the right decision for you.  

D'Addario NYXL

The D'Addario NYXL strings are some of my favorite strings on the market.  They are simple, sound great, last a long time, and are extremely versatile.  

The NYXL strings are made from a high carbon steel alloy that is far stronger than the materials you will find in almost any other string.  Because of this they last longer and don't break as often as other strings.  They do all this without coating the strings.  String coating often times leads to loss in tone, and no one wants that.  

The material is so good that I have never ever snapped a string while using these.  For the record, I am not someone that performs a lot of crazy bends on my strings though.  So beware if you are, you may still have some string snappage.

These strings have a brighter tone that would be idea for any soloing, and tones of genres like funk, blues, punk rock, and Soul.

Overall they are some of the highest quality strings on the market, and it would be silly to not mention them on this list.  

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings have been some of the most popular strings on the market for years and years, and that's for good reason.  

They stay in tune super well, feel great, and sound great.  Some big names that are known for using these strings include John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and Tom Morello.  

Great players trust these strings because they always get a high quality product when opening a pack of regular slinky's.  They are always consistent and feel the same. 

These strings come at a significantly lower price than the NYXL's do.  They do wear out significantly faster than the NYXL's though, so it's really a give and take there.  

Overall these are another really good pack of strings that everyone should at least consider because they have served so many of the greats well over the years.  

Fender Bullets

These are the most unique strings on the list.  What makes these strings different is that they are made out of pure nickel, and they have unique ends.  Many claim the bullet shaped end of the string increases sustain.  The idea is that the frequencies resonate longer in the metal, bullet shaped, ends than in the plastic balls on the end of most strings.

Not many strings on the market are pure nickel today.  Pure nickel strings is an old school thing that has influenced the tones of many classic players.  If a vintage sound is what you are after, the Fender Bullets may be your best bet.  

The price of these strings is somewhere in the middle.  Not the cheapest set on this list, and not the most expensive set on the list.  If the vintage sound is what you are looking for, these strings are absolutely worth the extra few bucks.  

Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar

How much do guitar strings cost

Acoustic guitar strings tend to be a little bit more expensive than electric guitar strings.  This is probably due to the fact that acoustic guitar strings are often times made with bronze.  This creates a big price difference between acoustic and electric guitar strings.  While an expensive pack of electric strings might run you $13, an expensive pack of acoustic strings could run you up to $27.  

With that being said there is still a super big spectrum and you can still find packs of acoustic strings for less than $7.  

Elixir Nanoweb Strings

The Elixir Nanoweb coated strings are my personal favorite set of acoustic strings.  Many people are turned off by any sign of coating at all on their string because it often times makes the string loose tone, and causes it to sound dead right away.  That is not the case with these strings.

The coating is relatively light, so it does not interfere with the tone.  These strings sound amazing.  by the sound you cannot tell that there is a coating on the strings.  

Even though the coating is light it still has an effect on how long the strings last though.  Elixir Nanoweb strings can last probably as long as 2 or 3 sets of uncoated strings.  That is a big reason why they are my favorite acoustic set of strings.  I really do not like changing string, and these strings allow me to do it less.  

I think everyone should at least give these strings a try at one point because I find them to be absolutely phenomenal.

D'Addario EJ11-3D

D'Addario never sells strings that are lacking.  Every single set of strings they sell absolutely brings it in one way or another, and this set is no exception.  

The D'Addario EJ11-3D are a set of guitar strings that is perfect for so many people from beginners all the way to professionals.  There are a few reasons why this is true.

These strings fresh out of the box sound great.  Just as good as any other set of acoustic guitar strings.  The feel is pretty neutral, so I do not foresee many people really hating the feel of these strings.  They feel pretty much like every other set of guitar strings.  

What really sets these guitar string apart from others is their price.  A 3-pack of these strings comes in cheaper than just one pack of the Nanoweb Elixirs, and as I mentioned before, the D'Addarios are full of tone.  Beginners love the price point because they don't have to spend too much on guitar strings, and pros love them because they come fresh out of the box with tone for days.  

The one downside of these guitar strings would be that their life is rather short.  The Nanoweb Elixirs would last double or triple the time that these strings would.  They would also be more prone to breaking.  

Overall these are great strings for the price they come at.  Even if they have a little downside.  

How much do guitar strings cost

Guitar strings come in a wide range of prices.  Guitar strings prices are mostly dependent upon the material they are made out of.  Honestly string choice is mostly a preference.  There is no "best string" for everyone.

We hope we answered your question of how much do guitar strings cost.  Have a lovely day 🙂

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