11 Best Guitar Amps Under 1000 (2021 List)

Best For Blues

Hot Rod DeVille

Best for Rock

Marshall DSL40

What if you could have the best guitar amp under 1000? Many people are looking for a pro level amplifier and with one of these amps they will be able to achieve that. With this post, I am going to list 11 of the top rated amplifiers available on Amazon. These amps range from beginner to professional and all come in at less than $1000!

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Best Tube Amp Under 1000 List

#1 Top Guitar Amp Under 1000: Hot Rod Deluxe


  • Well Under 1000
  • Proven Over Decades
  • Iconic Tone


  • Quality control issues with reverb tank
Key Features:

One 12 Inch Speaker: The Hot Rod Deluxe IV is equipped with a single 12 inch Celestion speaker that pumps out singing highs and punishing lows.

Modified Preamp Circuity: A modified preamp circuitry gives players the ability to dial in their desired sound, while still maintaining the integrity of the original amplifier.

Fender Reverb:
The Hot Rod Deluxe IV features Fender Reverb, which allows players to add depth and dimension to their tone.  This updated version of the legendary amplifier has a smoother sounding spring reverb and updated aesthetics that any player is sure to appreciate.

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 1000?

The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is the best selling amp of the last few decades.  Years and years of proving itself has led the Hot Rod Deluxe to be elevated to legendary status.  

The tone of the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is an iconic tone that can be heard on countless records and at live performances.  The best part about it is that you can get this tone at half the price of most professional level amplifiers.  

If you are looking for an amp that performs at a professional level, that won't break the bank, look no further than the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Its extreme versatility, and great tone has led this amp to be a staple of millions of player's rigs.  All of this and more makes this the best fender amp under 1000

Best Amp for Rock Under 1000: Marshall DSL40


  • Huge Sound
  • Pro Level Amplifier
  • All Tube


  • Not ideal for clean playing
Key Features:

Ultimate Dirty Amp: The Marshall DSL40C is the ultimate rock amplifier. Gain and volume per channel. Dedicated resonance control. 2 separate master volume controls Reverb. High and low power settings Now with Celestion V type speaker Softube Emulated output 4 x ECC83 and 2 x EL34 valves

Two Channel Amplifier: The gain on the Marshall DSL40C can be adjusted independently for each of its two channels, which means you can set your clean tone to be crystal clear at lower volumes while still having enough grunt when you need it. This gives you a huge range of tones that are ideal for everything from classic blues to modern metal or anything in between!

Resonance Control:
 Resonance adds depth and character to your sound but too much resonance makes it difficult to cut through a mix so there is a dedicated knob just for this purpose on the Marshall DSL40.  This allows you to add as much or as little resonance as needed.

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 1000?

The Marshall DSL40 is an amazing amp for someone that really wants to rock out.  The overdrive settings on this amp sound exactly like all the classic rock records you know and love.  From Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood to AC/DC's Highway to Hell.  This amp will give you exactly what you are looking for.

The one 12 inch speaker within the DSL40 moves a ton of air.  The amp has no apprehension about making people ears ring through the power of sound.  Because of that, this amp will get you through any bar gig or small club gig just fine.

This amp is certainly the metal amp under 1000 and the best rock amp under 1000.

Best British Voiced Amp: Vox AC15


  • Authentic Vintage Sound
  • Looks Pretty
  • Pretty versatile


  • The Vox sound isn't for everyone
Key Features:

Two VX10 Speakers: Two custom designed 10 inch speakers deliver a powerful punch and vintage sound that is perfect for any style of music. This Vox amp also features two channels with classic VOX Top Boost tone controls: Normal and Top Boost. The Normal channel delivers a warm, clean sound while the Top Boost channel adds more gain for rock ‘n roll crunch.

Great for Pedals: The Vox AC30 can be used with pedals or without thanks to its built-in effects loop which allows you to hook up your favorite stomp boxes and let them rip through this legendary amplifier!

30 Watts: 30 Watts is the perfect amount for someone that wants to play anywhere from clean to edge of breakup.  The amp can be pushed easily to breakup, but can also be kept clean for a long time.  

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 1000?

The Vox AC15 is an amp that some consider to be the best guitar amp under 1000, but an amp that some consider utter rubbish.  The Vox sound is kinda polarizing due to its uniqueness.  

What makes Vox amps special is their sound that is often described as "Jangly" or "Chime-Like".  The reason Vox amps have this unique sound is because they do not use a negative feedback loop like the other large amplifier brands.

This amp is ideal for someone that is really into that "vintage" guitar sound.  Vox amps naturally feel vintage to us because they were the sound of a lot of music that was made in the 60's.  During this time British bands were making hit after hit, and all these British bands were using the British made Vox amps.  

Best Amp for Blues: Fender DeVille 212


  • Huge Volume Range
  • Sounds Great clean or dirty
  • Classic Fender Tone


  • Very Heavy
Key Features:

Two 12 Inch Speakers: The Hot Rod Deville 212 IV is loaded with two custom-voiced, Celestion Type-A speakers that deliver a lot of punch for their size. They'll handle everything from the warmest clean tones to the grittiest overdrive you can throw at them.

Fender Reverb: This amp features Fender's classic spring reverb for authentic surf and rockabilly sounds. It also has an effects loop so you can use your favorite pedals or rack processors in conjunction with your amplifier.

Iconic Tone: The Hot Rod DeVille 212 IV is the perfect choice for gigging guitarists who want the classic tone and performance of a Fender tube amp without breaking the bank.

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 1000?

The Fender Deville is an amp that is often times overshadowed by other Fender amps like the Hot Rod Deluxe or the Twin Reverb.  Quite frankly though, there is no reason for that to be the case.  The DeVille is just as much amp as both of these, and in some ways outperforms them.  

The best part about the DeVille is its ability to provide great tone in both a clean context as well as a dirty context.  It sounds great in the context of Nile Rodgers style funk guitar, and great in the context of Stevie Ray Vaughan style dirty blues.

I personally use this amp as my main amplifier.  I love the sound, and I don't think there are many better amps within this price range.  It is one of the best tube combo amps under 1000 today.

Best Solid State Amplifier: Roland JC40


  • Versatile
  • Low Maintenance
  • Classic Sound 


  • Many prefer the tube sound
Key Features:

Two 10 Inch Speakers: This Roland guitar amp is equipped with two custom-designed 10 inch speakers, which deliver a clear and powerful sound.

Built in Effects: The JC40 also features built in chorus and vibrato effects, which add depth to your guitar tone. These classic effects are very versatile, allowing you to create everything from subtle background textures to dramatic swells that will make your guitar stand out.

Classic sound:
With its warm clean tone and famous stereo chorus effect, the Roland JC40 has been a favorite among players for decades. If you’re looking for a pro level solid state amp, this is it!

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 1000?

The JC40 is best for a non metal player that wants great tone, but doesn't want to put up with the maintenance of a tube amplifier.  Or maybe someone that wants a reliable amp to gig with.  Musicians will often opt for a solid state amp for gigging because they are a ton lighter than their tube counterpart's

The JC40 is great for players in the realm of jazz, blues, funk, soul, or R&B.  The solid state sound lends itself to sounding great in these genres specifically.

The JC40 is an offshoot of the famous Roland JC120.  The most famous solid state amp ever.  Players have been trusting these amps for decades, and will continue to for many years into the future.  

Best for Jazz: Bugera V55 Infinium


  • Amazing Clean Tone
  • Hand Built Amp
  • Very Pretty


  • Not Versatile
Key Features:

One 12 Inch Speaker: The British voiced Turbsosound speaker is ideal for pure clean tones.  This makes it perfect for genres like jazz, funk, and soul.  Giving you punchy mids and crisp highs. 

Two Input Amplifier: This amp comes with two inputs labeled "Normal" and "Bright".  The bright input adds a little extra to your high ends to allow the guitar to cut through mixes easier.  

Great Breakup Tones:  The Bugera V55 has to be pushed a little bit to break up, but once it does, the sound is glorius.  This amp is great for anything from the cleanest of cleans to dirty blues.  

Why is this the Best Amp Under 1000?

This is another amp that is best for players that prefer to play cleanly rather than gritty.  

It takes a lot to push this amp to the point of breaking up, but once it does it has a very nice edge of breakup sound.  I like that it takes a long time to break up.  Then I can play this amp super lead cleanly which is very nice for situations like a loud jazz jam.  

Overall, this is a super cool amp that doesn't get the shine it deserves, and if you are interested at all, I would highly suggest checking this amp out further.  

Honorable Mention: Fender Blues Junior


  • Trusted for Decades
  • Low Priced Tube Amp
  • Celestion Speaker


  • Cannot be played clean loudly.
Key Features:

15 Watts: The Fender Blues Junior IV is the most versatile and gig-friendly amp in the series. It's also one of the best-sounding amps ever made, thanks to its 12" Special Design speaker and high-gain preamp circuitry.

Modified Preamp Circuity: This modified circuit design gives players a broader tonal palette with more gain on tap for searing leads and fat, creamy textures.

Fender Reverb: A smoother sound characterizes this updated version of Fender's all-time classic spring reverb, which features controls for volume and tone as well as damping to allow players to create their ideal ambience.

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 1000?

For starters this amp is a part of the Fender Hot Rod line.  The best selling amplifier line of all time.  Two other amps from that line made this list as well.

This is an amp that is not only trusted by bedroom players, but also by top guitarists.  The Edge of U2 has been known to use Fender Blues Juniors to record with, and they can be heard on some of U2's most popular songs.

Also this amp comes in at a price that is well under 1000.  It is nearly half the price of most of the other amps on this list, but it has all the tone of them.  Due to its great tone, and lightweight nature it is the best gigging amp under 1000.

Honorable Mention: Tone Master Twin Reverb


  • Super Light
  • Low Maintenance
  • Great tone for Solid state


  • Expensive for solid state
  • Tone isn't as good as the real Twin Reverb
Key Features:

Two 12 Inch Speakers: The Twin reverb is a 2x12" combo amp, featuring two custom-designed 12" Jenson speakers.  

Tube Emulation: This digital amplifier features Fender's patented "Dynamic Tube Circuitry" (DTC), which gets very close to the sound of a tube power amplifier. It uses an all-new proprietary design that delivers the same warm, rich tone and response as vintage tube amplifiers.

Light Weight: At 43 lbs, this amp is is nearly half the weight of the all tube Fender Twin Reverb.  It is so much easier to carry around.  Lugging around an 80 pound amp is absolutely no fun.

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 1000?

The Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb is a modern twist on a classic amp.  It is about the closest I have ever heard a solid state amp sound to a tube amp, but still there is a noticeable difference.

I think this is a great amp for gigging musicians because solid state amps are nice and light to carry around, also they break far less.  There is nothing worse than having something go wrong with your amp on a gig, and not knowing what to do.  

So if you are a gigging musician looking for a solid state amp that can keep up in a live setting, look no further.

Best Amp Under 500: Boss Katana


  • Tube-like Tone
  • Inexpensive
  • Super Versatile


  • Reverb is not as smooth as real spring reverb.
Key Features:

Two 12 Inch Speakers: The BOSS Katana 50 MkII is equipped with Two 12 inch speakers that delivers the legendary, yet versatile, BOSS sound.

5 Amp Voicings: Choose from Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp), and Acoustic. Each amp voicing can be customized further with its own gain and three band EQ controls.

60 Effects: The BOSS Katana 50 MkII provides 60 effects to choose from including Chorus/Flanger, Delay/Echo, Phaser, Tremolo, Reverb/Hall1 and Hall2. These effects can be used simultaneously in any combination for virtually unlimited sonic possibilities!

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 500?

The Boss Katana 212 is the best guitar amp under 500 because of its ability to both be a musical chameleon, yet shine in so many genres.  

The typical saying is "Jack of all trades, master of none", but that is simply not the case with the Boss Katana.  This amp shines in genres like classic rock, blues, and even clean genres like funk.  All of this versatility and its lightweight nature makes this one of the best home guitar amps today.

There are reasons why so many professionals love this amp.  Those reasons include the increadible tone, low price tag, and the lightweight nature of the amp.  An amp being light is a huge factor for gigging musicians.  Lugging around a 60 lbs amp is no fun.  Thankfully, this amp has no problems in that department.  

All of this is why the Boss Katana is the best guitar amp under 500.

P.S. This amp also comes with a smartphone application that allows you to configure your tone to an extreme degree by adding and altering effects.

Best Guitar Amp Under 300: Fender Mustang 50


  • High Versatility
  • Downloadable tones
  • Easy to use


  • Not very loud
Key Features:

One 12 Inch Speaker: The Mustang 50’s custom-designed speaker delivers great sound and is mounted in a ported enclosure for enhanced bass response.

Simple User Interface: The Mustang 50 features an easy to use interface that makes dialing in your sound quick and intuitive. A full color display provides real time feedback, while simple controls allow you to adjust gain and volume, select from 100's of presets, or create up to 100 custom presets of your own.

Smartphone Application: Download the free Fender Tone app for iPhone® or Android™ devices for easy access to presets, effects settings, product updates, and more.

Why is this the Best Guitar Amp Under 300?

The Fender Mustang 50 is the best guitar amp under 300 because it offers a super wide range of sounds for a great price.  

This amp can do everything from metal to jazz, and it holds up pretty good in both.  It is extremely easy to change your sound on the amp, or on your app.  On the amp you simply spin a dial to find your favorite preset, or tap it on your phone.  

You can also edit your sound in realtime with the application.  If you want just a touch more reverb, you can do that.  Maybe you want to throw a delay on the signal, you can do that in seconds with the Fender Tone Studio app.

Best Practice Amp: Nux Mighty Lite BT
Key Features:

Smartphone Application: Connect to your smartphone via the NUX Mighty Lite BT app. It’s the easiest way to get started with your new amplifier. The app features a built-in drum machine, tuner and recorder that allows you to play along with music from your phone or tablet.

Drum Machine: The drum machine is great for practice or jamming. You can also use it as a metronome when recording. It has nine different beats and you can change the tempo of each beat individually, giving you lots of flexibility in setting up a rhythm track for practicing or playing along with other musicians.

Bluetooth Speaker: Use Nux Mighty Lite BT as a portable Bluetooth speaker for listening to music on any device that supports Bluetooth wireless audio streaming such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc... 

Why is this the Best Guitar Practice Amp?

The Nux Mighty Lite BT is a great practice amp for a ton of reasons.  First off is that it sounds great.  Obviously the sound isn't the same as a real tube amplifier, but for under $100, this amp sounds great.  

Another reason is because this amp will go anywhere you need it to go.  It is so tiny that it can almost fit inside your pocket.  Take it with you when traveling or where ever you want to practice.

The final reason this is the best practice amp is that it has a built in drum machine that you can control the speed of.  Drum machines are super valuable when assessing your own sense of time, and improving your playing.

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