9 Best Guitars for Kids (2021 List)

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Loog Mini

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Yamaha JR1

Buying a Guitar for a Child Guide

Finding the best guitar for kids can be a challenge. Learning to play an instrument is important, but there are lots of options and you want to make sure that you don't spend money on something that they won't like or use. In this blog post I will share some of my favorite guitars for Kids.

Finding the best guitar for a 5 year old is very different than finding the best guitar for a 10 year old.  The size difference of those two ages is immense, and that is why we will be giving recommended minimum ages for all the guitars we talk about today, so you can find the best kids guitar for sale

Starting your child down the path to musicality early can lead to great success for them later in life.  When kids are young their brains are like a sponge that soaks up everything.

Allowing them to have experiences with music early on can lead to them having a much stronger base of understanding than kids that start when they are around 10 years old.  Victor Wooten, a man many consider to be the greatest bass player of all time says all the time how he first had contact with a bass guitar at the age of Two.  The earlier the better!

Best Guitars for Kids List

#1 Best Electric Guitar for Kids: Mini Squier Strat

Recommended Age: 7+


  • A quality guitar made by a reputable brand


  • Too big for younger children under 6 or 7

Key Features:

Reduced Size: The Squier Mini Stratocaster is the perfect companion for a child that is just picking up guitar for the first time.

High Quality Children's Instrument: The Squier Mini Stratocaster is an excellent choice for introducing young people to the fun of playing guitar.  Most "Children's Guitars" are nothing more than cheap toys.  This is the real deal.  A fully working and respectable guitar.  

Classic Guitar:
The Mini Squier Stratocaster is a smaller version of the legendary Fender Stratocaster.  The Stratocaster was famously played by players like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and John Mayer, so your child will be in good company.  

Why is this the Best Guitar for Kids?

The Mini Squier Stratocaster rises above all the other children's guitars as the best for a few reasons. 

The first is that this is the real deal.  An actual functioning electric guitar.  The vast majority of children's guitars are simply just cheap toys.  This is not the case with the Mini Stratocaster.  One of the reasons it is the best electric guitar for kids is because it is just like a real guitar, but just smaller.

Another reason why this is the best guitar for kids is that it will last them a long time.  This instrument can be played for years and years before needing an upgrade.  The miniature size of it lends itself to being perfect for children ages 4-12.  That's 8 years of learning until you might even need an upgrade.  

Best Acoustic Guitar for Kids: Yamaha JR1
Recommended Age: 7+


  • Proven Over Decades


  • Acoustic guitar strings can be difficult for children to play with.
Key Features:

3/4 Size:  The JR1 is the best 3/4 guitar with an entry level price on the market today, making it perfect for kids hands, and parents wallets.

High Quality: Yamaha carefully selects the woods that go into every single guitar they build. You can trust that this instrument will be of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Acoustic Guitar: The JR1 is an acoustic guitar, which means it doesn't require any electrical components to produce its sound. Acoustic guitars have a very different sound than electric guitars.  Players generally start by playing an acoustic guitar.

Why is this the Best Guitar for Kids?

This guitar is great for young children because of its small size.  I have seen many children successfully learn to play on these guitars.  They are kinda the standard acoustic guitar for children to learn on.  

An advantage of purchasing an acoustic guitar for your child is that you won't need to purchase all the other things that go along with an electric guitar.  Like an amplifier and cables.

This guitar is kinda like a fast ball right down the middle.  It's exactly the type of guitar you would expect a child to learn on.  

Best Nylon String Guitar for Kids: Yamaha CGS
Recommended Age: 6+ 


  • Nylon strings are easier to play


  • Nylon string guitars aren't found in popular music
Key Features:

Nylon Strings: The nylon strings on these classical guitars are easy to press down, making them ideal for beginners who have not yet developed strong fingers or calluses.

Half Size:
These small size classical guitars are perfect for children with smaller hands. They also make excellent travel guitars that won't take up too much space in your luggage when you're traveling.

Unique Sound: Because these guitars have nylon stings on them, the sound produced is very different than the sound of guitar you hear on the radio.  Nylon strings are not often used in popular music, but they are great for beginners to get started.

Why is this the Best Guitar for Kids?

This guitar is great for small children because is super small, and has strings that are very easy to press down.  

Nylon strings require the least amount of strength to play, and this makes them perfect for children, or honestly anyone just starting out.  Many people that try to play guitar stop playing because of how much their fingers hurt.  Nylon strings should help prevent that.

This guitar is very small compared to a conventional guitar, so that also makes it idea for children.  The small size will make it far easier for the child to control the instrument.

Best Guitar for Small Kids: Loog Mini
Recommended Age: 3+


  • Will fit super well into tiny hands


  • Will be outgrown quickly
Key Features:

3 Strings: The Loog Mini is a 3-string guitar that's super small, but it sounds big. It's the perfect size for little hands and arms, and the strings are easy to press down.

Small Size: The Loog Mini is super small, which makes it very easy for a small child to control.  Also it's super portable, so it can be taken almost anywhere.  

Low Price: At only $79, the Loog Mini is an affordable way to get your child started on the road to becoming a rock star.

Why is this the Best Guitar for Small Kids?

The Loog Mini Guitar is a great guitar for small kids because it offers them a good introduction to musical instruments while having the durability of a toy.

Typically guitars are fragile items, but this it not the case with the Loog Mini Guitar.  The developers of this instrument know that kid's toys often times end up getting hit and smashed all around, so they made it durable.

This is the perfect hybrid of toy and real instrument.  It can teach your child about music while they are comfortable and having fun.

Best Guitar for Small Rockers: Ibanez Micro
Recommended Age: 6+


  • Thin neck makes pushing down strings easier


  • Poor tuning stability
Key Features:

Humbucker Pickups: The Infinity R pickups in the GRGM21M are humbucker pickups.  Humbuckers are the pickup style used in rock and roll, metal, and other harder genres.  They can also be used for things like jazz, but are known mostly for rock and metal.  

Small Size: The Mikro is small but perfectly formed. It's just right for younger players or anyone who wants a more compact guitar for travel or playability.

Long Lasting: All Ibanez guitars are built with the finest woods and hardware, plus they're set up by craftsmen at the factory in Japan before being inspected again by a Quality Control staff here in America.

Why is this the Best Guitar for Kids?

This is another three quarters sized guitar that would be perfect for children.  Just like the Mini Strat, this guitar will fit in the hands of a kid super well.  The fretboard is also compact.  This makes reaching for notes far easier, and improves fretboard mobility.  

What really sets this guitar apart from the Stratocaster is that it has humbucking pickups rather than single coil pickups.  Pickups are the strips of magnets underneath the strings.  

Humbucker pickups are used in genres like rock and metal.  They output more signal than single coil pickups, and because of that they have a powerful and warm sound.  Perfect for genres like rock and metal.

So think of this as the Strat's more metal counter-part.

Premium Acoustic Guitar: Mini Taylor
Recommended Age: 7+


  • Extremely high quality


  • Pricey
Key Features:

Extreme quality: Taylor is a very well respected brand, known for their high-quality instruments. This guitar has been designed with everyone from the beginner to the professional in mind. The solid top will give you a bright and clear tone, while the rosewood back and sides will add warmth to your sound.

Professional level guitar:
The Taylor GS Mini Rosewood is an ideal choice for acoustic players of any level who want a great sounding instrument that's easy to transport.  Not only that, but this guitar can last a lifetime due to its incredible build quality.

Authentic Sound: This guitar is the real deal, and because of that, it produces the real deal sound.  This is a guitar that a professional would have no hesitation picking up.  It is a great sounding and playing guitar.

Why is this the Best Guitar for Kids?

Mini Taylors are not only some of the best guitars for kids, but they are also one of the best guitars for beginners in general.  

The Mini Taylor is small enough to fit into the hands of a child, but sophisticated enough of an instrument to be played for a lifetime.  

If you want to get a guitar that can last your child their whole life, this is the one to get.

Premium Electric Guitar: Sterling Cutlass
Recommended Age: 8+


  • Different pickup options allow for more tonal possibilities


  • Not as small as other guitars on list
Key Features:

HSS Pickup Configuration: The Sterling Cutlass Guitar features a humbucker in the bridge position for maximum output with two single coils in the neck and middle positions. This pickup combination offers flexibility of sound allowing you to switch from a warm clean tone to pokey crisp guitar without changing the amp at all.

Shortscale Neck: The short scale length makes it easy to play for musicians who have smaller hands or those who are just learning how to play guitar. It also allows for easier string bending as well.

Cool Look: I really dig the aesthetic of this guitar.  It has a uniqueness, yet is still within the range of acceptable looking guitars.  Just a super cool looking guitar.

Why is this the Best Guitar for Kids?

This is a great premium option for kids that are looking to play guitar.  Starting your child off with a high quality guitar is a good idea because it will last longer, and play easier.

If the guitar plays easier, your child is far more likely to stick with the instrument and continue to progress. The easier the instrument makes the process the better.  So many kids quit because of the difficulty.

If you were looking for the best electric guitar for kids, this is it.  It's got it all.

Cordoba Ukulele
Recommended Age: 4+


  • Cheaper than guitar
  • Easier to play than a guitar


  • Not a guitar...
Key Features:

Nylon Strings: The nylon strings of a ukulele are far easier for children to push down and play.  Making it so that your child can advance quicker.

Small Size: The size of a ukulele is obviously much smaller than a guitar.  This makes it a great alternative for small children.  It will still introduce them to some of the same concepts as a guitar, but will be easier for them to handle.

Low Price Tag: The price of a nice uke is far less than the price of a nice guitar.  You can get a super high quality ukulele for 1/4 the price you can get a super high quality guitar.  

Why is this a Good Option for Kids?

A ukulele is a great alternative for a guitar.  They will fit into the hands of a child much better, and will be easier to play.

The only fall back is that if the plan is to eventually move the child on to guitar, they will have to relearn a lot because the instruments are formatted very differently.  

Regardless, if you are buying a guitar for a child, but you don't think they are big enough for it.  Maybe just go with a Uke.

Luna Ukulele
Recommended Age: 4+


  • Plays very well


  • Not intonated very well.

This is simply another option if you are looking for a Ukulele.  It plays very similarly to the Cordoba Ukelele.  The choice between the two of them is really a preference thing.  I'm just giving you another option.

If you are interested in looking at good beginner guitar amps, look no further than our list that you can find Here.

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