5 Best Guitars for 4 Year Olds (2021 List)

Best 6 string

Yamaha CGS


Loog Mini E

As a parent, you want to find the best guitar for your child. When it comes to children's guitars, there are three main factors: size, playability, and price. It is important that the guitar is sized appropriately for your child so they can play it comfortably.  The playability of the instrument is important because we don't want learning an instrument to be difficult.  You also need to consider how much money you're willing to spend on an instrument.  In this blog post, we will explore some of the top guitars for 4 year olds with different budgets in mind.

Best Kids Guitar List

#1 Best  Electric Guitar for 4 Year Old: Loog Mini


  • Super Low Price
  • Loog Learning Resources


  • Will be outgrown quickly
Key Features:

3 Strings: The Loog Mini is a 3-string guitar.  Often times young children struggle wrapping their hands around the big neck of a 6 string guitar.  Opting for 3 strings alleviates the issue.

Small Size:
The Loog Mini is tiny, which makes it very easy for a small child to control.  Also it's super portable, so it can be taken almost anywhere.  

Low Price:
At only $79, the Loog Mini is an affordable way to get your child started on the road to becoming a rock star.

Why is this the Best Guitar for a 4 Year Old?

The Loog mini is the best guitar for a 4 year old because it checks all the boxes it needs to check.

The Loog mini comes in under $100.  Often times trying to introduce your children to a musical instrument is a roll of the dice.  Maybe they will get really into it, but maybe they won't.  A price tag under $100 allows for the purchase of an instrument to not be such a big risk.  

This guitar is very playable for a children's guitar.  Of the kids guitars for sale today, most of them are nothing more but cheap toy guitars.  The Loog Mini is actually a real instrument.  It still has the durability of a child's toy, but it plays like an instrument.  

Finally, this guitar also is super tiny, and will fit in the hands of a 4 year old super easily.  This is a great way to start your child on the road to musical success.  It is low priced, plays well, and fits in the hands of a child super well.

Best Electric Guitar for 4 Year Old: Loog Mini E 


  • Kids sometimes think electric guitar is way cooler
  • Loog Learning Resources


  • Costs more
Key Features:

Learning Resources: Loog Guitars come with a ton of resources that are geared towards children and helping them learn the instrument. These resources include flashcards, apps, and reading material.

Small Size: On the Loog website they say this guitar should fit well in the hands of children 3 years old and up, so your child should have no issues with the size of the instrument.

Built in Amp: This guitar includes a built in amplifier which is great because then you won't need to buy an additional amplifiers or amps.  Also kids think the sound of electric guitar is way cooler.

Why is this the Best Guitar for 4 Year Olds?

The Loog Mini Electric guitar is a great guitar for a 4 year old because it also checks all the boxes for a child's guitar.

It does everything the other Loog Mini does, and then a little more.  With the built in amp this guitar sound pretty cool compared to its acoustic counter part.

Also the body of this guitar will be not as thick as its acoustic counterpart.  This will only make it more comfortable for a 4 year old to use.

All of this and more make it the best kids electric guitar.

Best Classical: Yamaha CGS


  • Nylon Strings are easier to press down


  • Body Size could be uncomfortable for small kids
Key Features:

Nylon Strings: The nylon strings on these classical guitars are easy to press down, making them ideal for beginners who have not yet developed strong fingers or calluses.

Half Size:
 These small size classical guitars are perfect for children with smaller hands. They also make excellent travel guitars that won't take up too much space in your luggage when you're traveling.

Unique Sound: Because these guitars have nylon stings on them, the sound produced is very different than the sound of guitar you hear on the radio.  Nylon strings are not often used in popular music, but they are great for beginners to get started.

Why is this the Best Guitar for 4 Year Old?

This guitar is a great pick for the best guitar for 4 year old because it is kinda the best of both worlds.  It has strings that are easy to play, so it won't hurt your child's fingers.  Also this guitar more accurately represents the feel of a real guitar because it has 6 strings and a big body.

Overall this is a great pick for a child, but at the same time the size of it could be a little too big for a 4 year old.

Best Guitar for Bigger Kids: Squier Mini Strat


  • Real Deal Full Guitar


  • Will be too big for most 4 year olds
Key Features:

6 Strings: The Squier Mini Stratocaster is the first guitar on this list that comes equipped with 6 strings.  The first guitar on this list that gives the full authentic guitar experience.  

Short Scale Neck: The Squier Mini Stratocaster features a short scale neck (22.75”) that makes it easy to play for children.

Long Lasting:
This guitar will last years of enjoyment! It's built with solid wood construction and high quality hardware, so it can handle whatever your child will throw at it.

Why is this the Best Guitar for 4 Year Old?

The Squier Mini Stratocaster is the best option if you are looking to give your child the full guitar experience.  With 6 strings and the classic Fender design, this guitar is the real deal.

The biggest issue I would forsee would be that this guitar is still to big for a 4 year old, so use caution, and only get it if you're child is a more developed 4 year old.  

Since this guitar is on the bigger side of the spectrum it will last your child for years and years which is nice because then you don't have to buy another one anytime soon!

This Fender kids guitar is one of the best options you will be able to find today for kids that are too big for the loog sized guitars.

Another Big Kid Option: Ibanez GRGM


  • Will last for a very long time


  • Will be too big for most kids
Key Features:

6 Strings: The Ibanez GRGM21M is a 6-string electric guitar, so unlike some of the other children's guitars, this one will give the full guitar playing experience. 

Short Scale Neck: The shorter scale length of the Ibanez GRGM21M makes it easy to play for players with smaller hands or those who are just beginning their playing career.

Humbucking Pickups: The Infinity R pickups feature ceramic magnets, which produce a clear tone that will remain consistent throughout its life. The Infinity R humbucker produces an articulate sound that is perfect for genres like Rock and Roll.

Why is this the Best Guitar for a 4 Year Old?

The Ibanez is a great guitar for a 4 year old because it is built with small children in mind.  Because of that, this guitar is kinda just like a normal guitar, but shrunk down a bit to a size that fits well in the hands of children.

Not only that, but also this guitar is made by an actual reputable guitar brand.  Most children's guitars are made by brands that no one knows.  Ibanez is a staple of the guitar industry and has been making high quality instrument for decades.  

Simply a great guitar built by a reputable brand that was made for children.  


The best guitar for a 4 year old is the Loog Mini. It's perfect because it helps promote early musicality and creativity in kids of all ages, but particularly young kids.

So If you are looking to get a guitar for your 4 year old, make it the Loog Mini.

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