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Fender Blues Junior

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Orange Crush 12

Are you looking for the best bedroom amp to fit your needs? We will be discussing what you should look for in a practice amp and give recommendations based on our research.

What Makes the Best Bedroom Amp?
Best bedroom amp for you

There are a few different things to consider when looking for the best bedroom amp.  


Often times players don't have a ton of room in their bedroom to fit a monster sized amp.  That's why many of the amps we will be discussing will be nice and compact.  They don't take up too much space, and are super portable.  


A versatile bedroom/ practice amp is a great tool to have in your arsenal.  That's why many of the amps we will be discussing here will have built in effects.  This makes it possible to practice a wide variety of music and sounds, so you'll be able to practice properly no matter the style.  


We like our practice amps to be affordable because they don't need to be anything too special.  They don't need to go above and beyond at all.  They just need to simply get the job done.  

Here are our picks for the best bedroom amps.

Best Bedroom Guitar Amps List

Fender Mustang

The Fender Mustang follows our three qualifications for a great bedroom amp perfectly.

The Fender Mustang is about 8 by 14 by 12.  This allows it to fit in the smallest of rooms just fine.  Something I really like about these amps is that they are super lightweight, so you can pick them up and take them where ever you need to go super easily.  

The versatility of this amp is nearly unmatched in its price range.  The Mustang is what's known as a modeling amp.  Modeling amps get their name because they "model" the tone of other classic amps.  This mustang comes with 30 presets that range from super clean to the dirtiest of dirty.  That's not all though.  You can make you own presets, and download tones created by others through an app on your phone.

The price of this amp is really something special.  The price of this amp makes it possible for almost anyone to be able to afford a great sounding guitar amp.  This paired with its versatility makes it the best bedroom practice amp.


This amp could certainly be used for gigs.  Venues that are relatively small, and that aren't too loud would work just fine for this amp.  A coffee shop would be perfect for this amp.  It would be plenty loud enough, and is easy to take from place to place.  The way it can can work at home and outside the house makes the Fender mustang one of the best beginner amps.

Boss Guitar Amp Headphones

These are almost certainly the most unique piece of equipment on this list.  The Boss Amplifier Headphones are the perfect option for people who need to keep their playing volume extremely low.  

One demographic that has really been latching on to these headphones are new parents.  Using these ensures that your playing won't be what woke your child up.  Plus if your child does wake up and start crying, you can't hear it ;). 

These headphones sound just like playing a Boss Katana, so they really give you a quality sound.  

The only real drawback to these is that you cannot record out of them at all, but hopefully you have an audio interface or a good amp you can mic for that.  

The super low volume of these make them another great option for someone looking for one of the best practice amps for themselves.

Yamaha THR 10

This Yamaha THR 10 is another amp that embodies all of the qualities we look for in a bedroom or practice amp.  

This is another amp with crazy versatility.  The Yamaha THR 10 models 15 different amps, and has 8 built in effects.  Sure there are amps with more fancy effects, and more options, but what this amp does.  It does super well.  It really out performs other amps in its price range greatly.

This amp is the king of portability, it comes in at about 14 by 5 by 7.  It might be the tiniest amp you have ever seen.  It also only weighs about 8 pounds, so you can pick it up and take with you where ever you need to go.  

As mentioned before, the price of this amp is killer.  This amp is super unique, and if you are looking for a tiny little versatile practice amp. This certainly could be the best bedroom amp for you!

As for gigging this amp could totally be used in smaller venues like a coffee shop.  These little amps get reasonably loud for their size.  

Nux Mighty Lite BT

The Nux Mighty Lite BT is for sure the best practice amp, if you only want to use it purely for practice.  This amp is under $100 and comes with everything you need for practice.  

Here are some of the cool features this amp come with.  The Nux Mighty Lite BT comes with three different channels.  Clean, crunch, and distortion.  This allows you to get a wide array of tones from this small package.  This amp also comes with a few built in effects like reverb, chorus, vibrato, and a phaser. 

The feature that really makes this amp worth it for me is the built in drum machine.  It is super convenient for practice to have a little drum machine built right into your practice amp.  There are a few different grooves, and you can control the tempo right on top of the amp.

The thing that really breaks this amp open, and allows you to do so much more with it is the smartphone app.  The app allows you to change the saturation of the gain on the channels, more easily change through drum grooves, and alter the onboard effects.

All of this comes in a package that is under $100, and can almost fit in you pocket.  This amp is really a super great bedroom amp or practice amp.

Monoprice Mini Tube Amp

This is a super unique little amp.  It comes in around the same price as many of the other amps its size, but this one is a tube amp instead of a solid state amp.  You typically cannot find tube amps for under $500 or so, but this one comes in far below that.

People really care about whether or not their amp uses tubes.  Most people think that tube amps just sound better, and I certainly agree with that as well.  95% of the time, tube amps just flat out sound better.

What makes this amp even cooler is that it has a Celestian speaker in it.  Celestian makes some of the highest quality speakers in the guitar world.  They are the type of speakers you see in the top tier premium amplifiers.  

Overall, this is a really cool amp for someone that is looking to still get great tone at home.  It is certainly one of the best tube amps for home use. 

Roland Micro Cube

The Roland Micro Cube is another super tiny modeling practice amp.  It comes with 8 built in amp models and 8 built in effects.  The 8 different amps range from super clean to super overdriven, and the 8 effects include different types of reverb, chorus, phaser, and flanger.  

A nice little feature about this amp is that it also has a built in tuner.  This is particularly great for beginners often times forget to tune up before they play.  Now, there is no excuse to not tune up before you begin though.  Tuning up before you play not only helps you sound better, but also develops your ear greatly because you will learn what it sounds like to be in tune.  

The Micro Cube also has a memory feature, so you can save your favorite preset, and always have it no matter how the dials get turned.  

This is another amp that comes with an app, so you can change the sound right on your phone.

Overall this is another great option for something looking to use this purely as a practice amp.  It is affordable, light weight, and allows you to access a wide array of sounds.  

Orange Crush 12

The Orange Crush 12 is a personal favorite for me on this list.  The reason is because although it is a tiny little bedroom amp, like all the other amps on this list, this one has gone tone to it.

Probably the most killer tone you are going to find for under $100.  

It has all the goodness of the other Orange Crush amps, but it's just smaller.  That's all.  This amp is a little bit bigger than the size of your middle school lunch box, but it packs a way bigger punch.

The Orange Crush 12 can get super saturated and distorted.  It has a wide array of tones from jazz all the way to heavy metal.  

It is just a simple amp.  It comes with a few basic controls like an eq, and a gain knob.  Other than that though it is just a straight ahead plug and play amp.  It sounds great, and sounds even better when you know the price.

Overall an amazing amp for beginners or pro players looking for a tiny practice amp, and it is one of the best bedroom amps for metal.

Roland JC 30

The Roland JC 30 is a smaller version of the legendary Roland JC 120.  This amp is still compact, but absolutely packs a punch.  

Roland JC amps are known for being some of the best sounding solid state amplifiers on the market.  Solid state amplifiers essentially just means that it is not a tube amplifier.  Solid state amplifiers require much less maintenance and cost a lot less.  

This amp is a real just plug and play type of amp.  There are not a lot of tricks with it.  It comes with built in reverb and tremolo, but that is all.  

The thing that makes this amp stand out it simply how good it sounds.  That is why the JC 120 is a legendary amp.  It simply sounds great.  It doesn't need any fancy tricks to make it special.  It simply just sounds great.  

For a player that is into mostly clean playing this could certainly be the best practice amp for you.  

Fender Mini Twin

This is the perfect little practice amp for anyone that needs to be able to practice anywhere.  You can take it with you on trips extremely easily.  It basically fits within the palm of your hand.  

As far as tone goes, this amp sounds surprisingly good.  You cannot expect a ton out of an amp under $50, but this mini tweed amp absolutely out performs expectations, making it the best cheap practice amp.

There isn't much to this amp, just plug in and play.  Certainly one of the best practice amps out there today.

Blackstar Core ID

The Blackstar Core ID is another amp that embodies all of the qualities we look for in the best bedroom amp.  

It is perfectly sized for home use.  It is compact and will fit almost anywhere you need it to.  The exact size of it is 17" by 14" by 8".  It also only weighs 11 pounds, so it can be picked up, and bought along to whatever jam you need it to go to. 

It is extremely versatile.  This amp can do it all.  It has six different amp voicings to choose from, and these range from sparkly cleans to the dirtiest of dirty.  The Blackstar Core ID also comes with a few built in effects like delay, flanger, phaser, tremolo, reverb, and chorus.  Allowing the player to really get some unique sounds out of this amp.  

The affordability of this amp is crazy.  If you buy this amp, you are getting a ton of amp for a small price tag.  Certainly one of the best budget amps on the market today. 

So overall this amp is great.  It is compact and portable, it is wildly versatile, and it is greatly underpriced.  

Boss Katana

The Boss Katana is very similar to the JC 30, so if you were interested in that amp, make sure you consider this one as well.  

This is another solid state amp that is known for just sounding great.  Not a lot of tricks up its sleeve.  Just an amazing sounding amp that comes in at a reasonable price. 

The Boss Katana can get pretty loud if you need it to.  It is in a nice middle ground were it sounds great at a low volume, but also can be cranked loud enough to be played with a drummer.  

In addition to that, the Boss Katana is available in a multitude of wattages and sizes, so if you want great tone at any size, you can find it with the Boss Katana.  It is available in 50 watt, 100 watt, 100x2 watt variations.  You can also get a Boss Katana head or a Boss Katana Mini as well.   

Like many of the other amps on this list, it also offers a few built in effects like chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, and phaser.  

Overall this amp is a great value, and is one of the best sounding solid state amps out there.  

Fender Acoustasonic

The Fender Acoustasonic is likely the best practice amp you are going to find for acoustic guitar.  

Something that I really like about it is that running acoustic guitar and vocals through it at the same time is super easy.  You just plug the guitar into one input and the microphone into the other.  Simple as that.  This is super great for solo acoustic gigs in small quieter venues.

The Acoustasonic comes in a few different sizes and wattages.  It comes in a 15 watt, a 40 watt, and a 100 watt variation.  We recommend the 40 watt version.  It is enough to play small gigs, but not overly expensive or overly large.

If you are looking for an amp for acoustic performances, that can also run your vocals through it.  This is certainly the amp for you.  

Fender Champion

The Fender Champion is one of the best budget guitar amps out there.  It has been proven for years and years to perform well, and never fails.  

Similarly to many other amps on this list, the Fender Champion has a load of cool features that it comes along with.  Just like all the other amps on this list, it comes with chorus, flanger, delay, and reverb.  An additional effect you get with this amp though is an auto wah.  Which I find to be super cool.  I love auto wahs.

Along with those effects this amp also offers 4 very distinct voicings.  These voicinings emulate tweed amps, blackface amps, metal amps, and British amps.  Within these four voicings there are three different variations to choose from.  This gives you even more control over your tone, and really allows you to find your sound.  

Other than that it is a pretty simple plug and play Fender solid state amp.  If a friend of mine was looking for a guitar amp, and didn't want to spend more than $250, the Fender Champion 40 is certainly what I would recommend to them.  

Amps for Home and Gigs
Best bedroom amp for you

Just for clarification, we are considering medium sized bedroom amps to be amps that you would have no problem practicing with, but also could also be easily taken anywhere for a gig, or a jam.  

Fender Blues Junior

The Fender Blues Junior is an absolutely iconic amp.  They are known for their great sound within a compact package.  Don't let the compact package part fool you.  This amp can get LOUD.  

It comes equipped with one 12 inch Celestian type-A speaker, and it can absolutely pump out some noise.  This is a tube amp.  The vast majority of professional and higher level players use tube amps because they simply just sound better, so if you are looking to sound like to professionals this is a good place to start.

One of the most famous guitarists that is known to use a blues junior is The Edge of U2, and if The Edge can trust these amps, you absolutely can as well.

The Edge is famous for using tonnes of effects.  It makes a lot of sense why he would use the Fender Blues Junior because it is such a great pedal platform amp.  The Blues Junior really allows the true nature of the pedal to shine through, and that makes it one of the best bedroom amps for pedals.

One final point about this amp is that they are a great value.  The sound quality that comes out of these amps is absolutely pro level, but they sit in the middle price range of amps.  

That's why Blues Juniors have been some of the best selling amps year after year.  They sound great, and are incredibly affordable.

Bugera V55 Infinium

The Bugera V55 Infinium is a great alternative to the normal Fender or Vox style amplifiers.  They are known to sound a little closer to a Vox amp than a Fender amp though.  This is probably because their whole shtick is to go for a vintage sound, and Vox amps are often times associated with a vintage sound as well.  

I would say these amps are best for genres like blues, country, and classic rock.  Genres that don't require a ton of gain.  

These amps are super compatible with cabinets because on the back there are two speaker outputs with Ohm selectors.  Often times you will need to make sure that your amp and your cabinet have the same ohm level, but with this amp you can simply flip a switch and you will have an amp that is compatible with whatever cabinet you throw at it.

If you are looking for the best bedroom amp, but don't want to mess around with a wimpy little thing, this could certainly be the choice for you.

Fender Bassbreaker

The Fender Bassbreaker is kinda like the Blues Junior under appreciated cousin.  It doesn't get all the same shine the Blues Junior does, but it packs all the same punch.  

To me the Bassbreaker just feels like a much more modern amp.  The design and the sound don't seem as classic as the Blues Junior.  Rather, the Bassbreaker feels cutting edge, sleek, and new.  

The Bassbreaker provides professional level tone at a medium price point.  What's not to love about that?  Everyone loves a good deal.  

It doesn't come with all the fancy effects that many other amplifiers might come with, but that's okay.  Its main focus is creating a great tone for you to then build your sound upon.  

It comes equipped with three different gain stages that make it extremely simple to switch between clean, breakup, and dirty.  

This amp is another amp that is compact enough to fit in almost any room, but also be big enough to go out gigging with.  It is a great middle of the road amp.

Marshall DSL40

The DSL 40 is a great amp for those who want to rock.  Really really rock.  This amp absolutely goes.  It has a few different channels including clean, gain, and ultra gain.  

The ultra gain setting will melt your face.  It is super intense, and could certainly be used in super heavy music.  Once you kick the gain it, you feel like it your body.  It's a strange, but yet awesome experience.  

This amp is a simple 1 by 12 configuration, so it is still pretty portable.  I have noticed that even though it is the exact same weight as other amps I own, I prefer to take this one around because it just feels easier to carry.  Maybe it's the handle, maybe is the shape.  All I know is that it feels easier to carry than a big ole Fender amp.

So if you are looking for a killer rock and roll amp, this thing will certainly do the job for you.

Vemuram Jan Ray Review (2021 Review)

The Vemuram Jan Ray is a pedal that has received a ton of hype over the last few years.  It is said to emulate the sound of a classic Fender blackface amp at breakup.  That's why some people call is a fender blackface pedal.

The Vemuram Jan Ray is a boutique pedal that is hand made in Japan.  They are said to be of exceptional build quality, and last for a lifetime.

Something unique about the Jan Ray is that it has a brass pedal enclosure.  The brass enclosure is said to cut down on static.  Whether that is true or not... we cannot really tell the difference.  Either way it gives the pedal some weight and extra protection.  Plus it looks pretty cool.

Vemuram Jan Ray Specifications 

The specs of a pedal are not nearly as exciting as the specs of a guitar or amp, but here goes.  

  • 428g
  • 70x112x50 mm
  • Compatible with both 9v and 18v.  9 is recommended though
  • Knobs: Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble
  • Has a Saturation Trimmer
  • True Bypass switch
  • Brass enclosure

At its surface the Vemuram Jan Ray is a super basic overdrive pedal.  It has the classic four knobs that control Volume, Gain, Bass, and Treble.  It does not seem like anything special.

A few things that do make it special include the saturation trimmer.  This allows you to really turn the gain up on the pedal if you so wish, or to really take it down.  

Its compatibility with 9v or 18v is pretty cool also.  The company does say though that it is not responsible for any malfunctions when the pedal is connected to 18v rather than 9v.  

The true bypass switch isn't super unique, but it is always nice to know that you are not losing any signal while the pedal is turned off.  

Vemuram Jan Ray Controversy

The vemuram jan ray had a controversy that was centered around the idea that the circuit was stolen from another pedal designer.  

It doesn't really seem to be too legit to me.  And the pedal sounds great, so it doesn't matter to me.

Vemuram Jan Ray Personal Experience

I bought the Vemuram Jan Ray for around $360 online a few months ago.  It quickly became my main overdrive pedal, and is always on my pedal board.  I often times use it as a boost pedal of sorts.  

If the tune calls for steady overdrive throughout, but a solo in the middle, I would likely use my tube screamer for the rhythm playing.  Once the solo comes I would throw the Jan Ray on, and the sound cuts right through the room beautifully without being too loud.  

With the saturation trimmer the Vemuram Jan Ray can be used as a little bit of a boost pedal, all the way to near metal overdrive.  I say "near metal" because it doesn't quite get that heavy, but it almost gets there.  

Is it Worth It?

I really have nothing negative to say about this pedal.  It offers a great sound along with great longevity.  Although it doesn't come cheap it is a pedal that can quickly become a mainstay on your board, and can last the rest of your life.  

Overall, I love the Jan Ray and do not regret purchasing it one bit.  

Vemuram Jan Ray: Is it Worth it? - Dwane's Music