11 Best Portable Guitar Amps (2021 List)

Best tiny amp

Nux Mighty Lite

best bedroom amp

Fender Mustang

I've compiled a list of the 11 best portable amps for guitar. These are great options because they're small enough to take with you on your adventures, and can be used in any setting. Some models even have battery power so you don't need an outlet! I'll go over some features that make these amps stand out from the rest, but if you want to compare all of them at once, Let's get started!

Best Portable Gigging Amps

The first subcategory we are going to go over is amps that are portable, yet you can still take them gigging.  In this category you are going to find a lot of lower end tube amplifiers and higher end solid state amps.

Best Gigging Amp: Fender Blues Junior


  • Light weight affordable tube amp


  • Not a tiny practice amp
Key Features:

One 12 Inch Speaker: The Blues Junior IV is a 15-watt amp that's easy to carry and set up, making it perfect for stage work. It has one 12 inch speaker that delivers classic Fender tone with warm overdrive and surprising volume.

Light Weight Tube Amp: The Blues Junior IV weighs just 31 pounds, so you can easily take it from gig to gig. It also features an external speaker jack for use with an 8 ohm extension cabinet.

Fender Reverb: The reverb circuit in the Blues Junior IV has been modified to deliver more of what guitarists love about vintage tube amps—warmth and smoothness. You'll also appreciate the improved spring reverb tank, which is smoother than previous models.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

This is the best portable guitar amp for gigging guitarists that need a lightweight amp with tonnes of tone.  The Blues Junior is part of the best selling line of amplifiers of all time, the Fender Hot Rod series.  

The one 12 inch speaker delivers Iconic tone at a volume level that is plenty loud for most bar gigs.  If it isn't loud enough for you gigs, just mic it up, and you'll still get that killer tone with a reasonable stage volume.  

For gigging guitarists that need an amp that is easy to carry around, but still provides amazing tone, look no further than the Fender Blues Junior.

Boss Katana


  • Low Maintenance


  • Tone isn't as good as a tube amp
Key Features:

Two 12 Inch Speakers: This version of the Boss Katana is a 2 by 12 amplifier meaning it comes equipped with Two 12 inch speakers.  These speakers are specially designed by Boss to deliver crisp singing highs and articulate lows while pumping out a ton of volume.

Solid State Amplifier: Solid State Amplifiers are known for generally being a lot lighter than traditional tube amplifiers.  They also require a lot less maintenance than a tube amplifier.

Built in Effects: The Boss Katana includes a wide array of effects that can be applied to your signal super quickly via the smartphone application.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

This amp is a great option for anyone that is looking for a low maintenance, low priced gigging amplifier.  This amp comes in at a price that is well under the starting range for most tube amplifiers.

For a solid state amplifier, this amp has some of the best tone you will find on the market.  Obviously it isn't quite the same as a tube amp.  However, for the price and the other benefits of a solid state amp.  It is a great option.

This amp comes with all the built in effects you could ever want or need, and with the smartphone app, you can precisely dial in any tone your little heart desires.

Fender Acoustasonic


  • Can run vocals and guitar at the same time


  • Mainly for acoustic guitar only
Key Features:

Two 6 Inch Speakers: The Acoustic 40 amplifier features two 6 inch speakers that deliver a full and balanced sound.

Vocal Amp:
This amp allows you to use one of the inputs for a microphone, so you can run your vocals as well as a guitar through the amplifier at the same time.

Simple but Effective:
The Acoustic 40 amplifier is designed to provide clean, clear amplification for any performance situation without all the bells and whistles. It’s perfect for small venues where you need to amplify your vocals and acoustic guitar, but don’t want to carry around a separate PA system.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

This amp can be an extremely useful tool in a performer's arsenal.  Instead of having to carry around a dedicated guitar amp and a PA for vocals, you can just have both in one small package.  

Along with that, this amp is plenty loud for a small venues like a coffee shop, or anywhere else you would find yourself playing acoustic style music.

Finally, this amp only weighs 17 pounds, which makes it incredibly easy to take from place to place.  With its compact design, this amp can be taken almost anywhere easily.  This makes it the best portable acoustic guitar amp out there.

Supro Blues King


  • Great tone
  • Looks Pretty


  • Not very loud
Key Features:

One 10 Inch Speaker: The Blues King 10 is a single-channel amp with a single 10 inch special design BK10 speaker.  The controls include: Volume, Treble, Bass and the unique Supro Tone Cut control.

Sleek Design: With its retro look and compact size, the Blues King 10 will fit into any room in your home or apartment, and it'll look good.  That will keep girlfriends/ moms happy.

5 Watts:
The Blues King 10 is a 5 watt amplifier.  Many would think that means the amp is a quiet little amp that can't push a lot of air.  What 5 watts mean is that 5 watts is when the amp begins to overdrive, so therefore this amp will get super crunch super quickly.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

The Supro Blues King is a great portable guitar amp for very simple reasons.  It is light weight and sounds good.  That's all there is to it.

Many amps overcomplicate what they need to be, but not this one.  Simply plug in and play.  It sounds great, and you can take it with you all over.  

Roland JC-22


  • Simple Plug and Play


  • Having two small speakers makes the sound trebley
Key Features:

Two 6.5 Inch Speakers: The JC-22 delivers Roland’s classic clean tone and famous Dimensional Space Chorus effect in a compact amp that’s perfect for playing at home. Offering the essential features of the popular JC-120 in an even more scaled-down size, this versatile stereo amp is also great for intimate performances and recording

Legendary Amplifier: The JC series has been a top choice among guitarists since its debut in 1997. With their signature “chimey” clean tone, these amps are prized by players from all genres for their ability to faithfully reproduce a wide range of sounds with minimal effort.

Easy to use: The JC Series was designed with versatility in mind, you can customize your sound by selecting one of three different chorus types: Wide, Medium or Narrow—or switch off the effect entirely if you prefer.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

The Roland JC-22 is a smaller version of one of the most famous amplifiers ever, the Roland JC-120.  These amps are known for being great high end solid state amplifiers.  

Many are drawn to tube amps by the sound, but don't anticipate the repair costs and other maintenance required to keep it in working shape.  

That is why many opt for high quality solid state amps like this one.  It sounds great, you can rely on it, it is small enough to take anywhere, and it is loud enough to gig with.

This part of the list is going to consist of amps that are too small to gig with, but still not the miniature practice amps.  Typically these amps range in price from $100 to around $400.

Best Bedroom Amp: Fender Mustang


  • Tonnes of Preset tones


  • Difficulty connecting amp to smartphone app
Key Features:

One 8 Inch Speaker: The Mustang I V.2 is the most affordable amp in the series, and features a single 8-inch speaker for authentic guitar tones at any volume.

Built in Presets:
With 30 presets covering a wide range of music, a 'greatest hits' of electric guitar tones, you'll always have the right sound for your song, whether you're playing country, pop, classic rock or something else.

Simple User Interface: Designed to be simple and intuitive so you can spend less time reading manuals and more time making music.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

This is a great option for a bedroom amplifier because it is tiny, versatile, and inexpensive.  

The presets on this amplifier really are quite close to what they are attempting to emulate, and that's really impressive for an amp you can purchase for under $200.  

Along with that, this amp only weighs about 15 pounds, so it is super easy to take it from place to place.  Wherever you might need it. 

Overall, this portable Fender amp is a great small guitar amp that can create a ton of different sounds for you.

Orange Crush 20RT


  • Built in Reverb and Tuner


  • Not as many effects as other amps
Key Features:

One 8 Inch Speaker: The Crush 20RT features a single custom designed 8 inch speaker, delivering a full and balanced sound.

Built in Tuner:
Never be caught out of tune again! The built in chromatic tuner makes sure you always stay in the groove.

Clean and Dirty Channel: Switch between Clean and Dirty channels at the flick of a switch.  The clean channel offers sounds that lend themselves to genres like funk and jazz while the dirty channel can be used more for blues and rock.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

The Orange Crush 20RT, in my opinion, is the best small guitar amp.  I am not one for fancy effects much.  A little reverb is all I need.  I think often times guitarists get distracted with all the options they have to play around with.  

Regardless, the Orange Crush 20RT simply sounds astonishing.  For an amp that comes in under $200 you aren't going to find much better tone than what comes out of this amp.

It also allows you to store one setting on each channel, so no matter what you do with the knobs you can always have your favorite sound on deck, and ready to go.

Yamaha THR10


  • Extremely Portable


  • Small speakers don't have the greatest tone
Key Features:

15 Amp Models: The THR10II offers 15 amp models, including new additions like the Creamer (based on a vintage British model) and Lead (a modern high-gain sound).

Built for Portability: The THR10II packs a lot of tone into a small package. It’s easy to grab and go with its compact size and light weight.

Functions as Bluetooth Speaker: The THR10II is also equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology that lets you stream audio from your smartphone or tablet device, so you can jam along with your favorite songs.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

The Yamaha THR10 is one of the best bluetooth portable guitar amps out there because it was designed to be.  It's even got a nice little metal handle on it because it was made to be picked up and taken elsewhere.

This amp is great because of all the sonic possibilities with it.  The THR10 has 15 different guitar amp models, 3 bass, and 3 vocal.  So with this amp you can get any sound that you could ever need.

Overall this is a super unique amp that is highly revered by many bedroom players and professionals alike.  So you should have no issues with picking this amp up.

Fender Champion


  • Simple, Plug and Play


  • Not Great Tone
Key Features:

Versatility: The Champion 40's straightforward controls, cool effects and versatile amp voicings make it easy to dial in just the right sounds for rock, blues, metal, country, jazz and more.

One 12 Inch Speakers: You get big sound from one 12 inch speaker.  Not many amps this price have as big of a speaker as the Champion 40.

Built in Effects: Choose from chorus, vibrato, tremolo, delay, echo, and reverb. These built in effects can be used for a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

The Fender Champion 40 is a great choice for someone that is looking for a small amp to take with them to a friends house or on a trip.  

This amp only weighs about 10 pounds which makes it super easy to pick up and take from place to place.

Also this amp is pretty versatile.  It comes with a bunch of built in effects, so you can get whatever sound you desire.

Practice Amps

Practice amps are the little tiny amps you can take with you in a suitcase.

Best Battery Powered  Guitar Amp: Nux Mighty Lite


  • Almost fits in your pocket


  • Strictly a Practice amp
Key Features:

Built In Effects: The Nux Mighty Lite BT has built in effects like chorus, flanger, delay, overdrive, distortion, octaver, and reverb. You can choose which effect you want to use with just one button press on the amp or your smartphone app.

Low Price Tag: This small all-in-one portable guitar amplifier has a low price tag, but still delivers high quality sound. It’s perfect for beginners who don’t have enough money to buy an expensive amplifier or for professional musicians who travel a lot and don’t want to carry around heavy equipment with them all the time.

Smartphone Application: NUX Mighty Lite BT comes with a free smartphone application that allows you to control the amp via Bluetooth. You can connect it to your phone, tablet or computer and play along with your favorite songs, adjust tone and volume in real time.

Why is this the Best Portable Amp for Guitar?

The Nux Mighty Lite is a the best mini guitar amp to take with you to hotels, or anywhere on the road.  It will fit super easily within any suitcase or carry on bag.  

What's great about this amp is how many sounds it can create.  When you hook this amp up with the smartphone application, the sound possibilities are endless.  You are instantly granted access to tonnes of effects and different styles of overdrive.  

You can get a clean funk sound, a crunchy blues tone, or a nasty metal tone.  Anything you need to practice, this amp can get the job done for you.  

Boss Waza Air Headphones


  • Play Ultra Quietly


  • Not Needed by Many
Key Features:

Play Super Quiet: The Waza air headphones allow you to jam out by yourself without disturbing anyone else.  This is particularly helpful for people who find themselves being that last person awake in their households, and don't want to disturb anyone else.

Smartphone App: Easily connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth for convenient control of all settings and features including effects, EQ, and more.

Take Anywhere: Designed with a built in rechargeable battery, the Waza Air offers up to 8 hours of continuous play time on a single charge! It also comes with an AC adapter for unlimited playing time.

Why is this the Best Portable Guitar Amp?

The Boss Waza Air headphones are a great addition to any guitarists arsenal.  I find them particularly useful when then rest of the people in the house are asleep, but I still want to play guitar with that amplifier tone.  It is no fun playing electric guitar not plugged in.

These would very easily fit in any suitcase or carry on bag.  So they can go with you on trips.  They can be your amplifier in hotels.  You won't need to disturb anyone.

These have been known to be particularly useful for people with newborn children.  Since the kids are sleeping at weird times of the day, you never know when it's okay to be loud, and when it isn't.

What is the Best All Around Guitar Amp?

The best all around guitar amp is the Fender Blues Junior.  It has been proven for decades, it can be used in many genres, and it comes at an affordable price.